21 Wall Decor Ideas to Take to the Office

Wall decor by Wall Garphics

Need a way to improve office morale? Do you want to see your employees happier and more productive? Create a vibrant and productive atmosphere with wall graphics at the office, and make it a place you and your employees will be happy to call your second home.

Wall Graphics That Inspire

Inspire creativity and happiness in your office with custom wall graphics. If you are not sure where to start here are twenty-one ideas that can get you started in the right direction.

1.     Use Humor

Nothing puts a smile on people’s faces faster than humor.

2.     Motivational Quotes

Help people push that extra mile with quotes.

3.     Ergonomics

Place wall graphics ergonomically around the office to maintain an orderly and tidy office.

4.     Do Things in Pairs

Try adding custom wall decals together to deliver one message.

5.     Use Vibrant Colors

A colorful office brightens up people’s day.

6.     Murals

A full-size wall mural can really add a touch of personality.

7.     Abstract Art

Keep things looking sleek and trendy without distracting your employees.

8.     Photography

Add a wall graphic of a beautiful landscape photo.

9.     3D Graphics

3D office wall graphics work great in a fun office environment.

10. Match the Floors With the Walls

Try adding matching custom vinyl wall graphics and floor graphics.

11. Match the Windows With the Walls

Utilize the space on the windows as well as the walls.

12. Create a Theme

Having a theme with consistent colors and designs will make the office feel cozier.

13. Inspire Creativity

Creative art inspires creativity.

14. Shapes

Have custom wall graphics of varying shapes.

15. Less is More

Keep the office looking fresh with only a few wall graphics tastefully placed.

16. Go Big, or Go Home

Cover your walls with many graphics.

17. Create a Mini Gallery

Nothing says high-class like art galleries, so why not create a mini one in the office?

18. Company Pride

Create a sense of teamwork with the company logo or slogan on the wall.

19. Black and White

Keep it simple with black-and-white designs and pictures.

20. Animals

Custom wall graphics of animals are simple and tasteful.

21. Retro Designs

Jump on the retro design bandwagon while you still can with office wall graphics your employees will love.

Do I Need to Work With a Graphic Designer?

The short answer is no, you don’t have to work with any designer you don’t want to. If you already have an idea, then, by all means, decorate your office the way you want.

But if you want to create something unique and tasteful, and aren’t sure where to start, then reaching out to experts with years of experience is a great place to start. At Georgetown Sign Company, we have graphic designers on staff that would be happy to answer any questions you have.

Quality Office Wall Graphics

For great design ideas and high-quality products call us, your friendly community Georgetown, Texas, sign providers. You can call us at 512-686-4280 or contact us online. Create the office of your dreams with wall graphic designs your entire office will love.


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