5 Benefits of Using Window Graphics for Business

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Businesses use window graphics very differently. An electronics store may change its window graphics frequently to showcase monthly promotions (Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Back to School Sales). A locally owned design company may use its graphics for years.

How you make the best use of window decals for your business depends on your industry and your needs. However, regardless of the line of work, there are several benefits of custom window graphics that all business owners can take advantage of.

Grow brand awareness with window graphics

Nothing beats brand awareness when it comes to driving sales. Top of mind recall is a hugely powerful tool that will persuade customers to choose your business at just the right time in their decision-making. You can promote your brand, your business and your location – all through a single engaging window graphic.

Businesses use window graphics to promote their products and services, opening times and promotions.

Inexpensive and maintenance-free

Window decals are an inexpensive means of promotion. The decals themselves are affordable for virtually any business owner. Installation is quick and easy too. Once they are installed, window decals require little-to-no maintenance. Glued on to the glass properly, decals will last for years without peeling. Make sure you get your graphics installed by professional installers. Stretched or warped graphics will cost more to fix than to install.

Efficient use of space

Custom window graphics are easily one of the most space efficient means of advertising. They don’t take up valuable floor space and don’t create an obstruction. Customized window graphics help you make the most of the valuable real estate you have – your windows. They turn unused space into premium advertising opportunity, and you won’t even notice they are there.

Did you know window graphics help reduce your heating and cooling costs because they can act as insulators?

No permits required

If you want to install a large sign outdoors in Georgetown, you will need permission from the city. That will involve scrutinizing your ad and the location where it is to be displayed. Make no mistake, the cost and resources required to get the paperwork through may be greater than the cost of renting a billboard itself. With window graphics you don’t need city permission – after all, it’s your property!


Large windows and lots of natural light are great for some businesses, but if you are in the services industry or health and beauty, prying eyes will make your customers uncomfortable. Large window films act as blinds, helping you regain privacy while promoting your business – a definite win-win. Our perforated window decals can be designed to be one-way, meaning you get to keep your view of the outside world.

Installing window graphics affordably

Window graphics are a great way of promoting yourself. They can be fun and engaging, informative and can be designed to offer a lot of utility. It’s why hundreds of business owners in Georgetown have had window graphics installed. To find out how affordable and easy to install window graphics are, speak to a sign specialist at Georgetown Sign Company. Our design team can even help you design your graphics to enhance your branding.

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