5 Exciting Options for Your Custom Restroom Signs

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Are you looking for creative custom restroom signs? Lately, businesses, especially restaurants and offices, are adding personality to their bathroom signs. This is a great way to create a unique space and experience for your customers or your staff. If you’re looking for something unusual, we have five great ideas that can help you get a sign you’ll love.

“Occupied” Signs

You can make your bathroom signs much more useful by adding an “occupied” feature. These signs automatically show that a bathroom is occupied when it is locked. This helps prevent awkwardness as people knock on the door to tell if someone is inside and makes the experience of being in your building more comfortable.

Darker Background Sign

Typical signs have light backgrounds with dark text to stand out. You need to have high contrast to meet ADA guidelines, but there’s no reason you can’t switch it up. Look at some signs with a dark background and light font. They can look more sophisticated, intense and match darker environments, like restaurants.

A Glass Look

What about not having a background at all? Many bathroom signs are printed onto clear acrylic. It looks transparent, like glass, but isn’t nearly as breakable. This allows the bathroom symbol to look like it rests right on the door, but it still projects out. It’s a very classy look that casts interesting shadows.

Change Up Your Symbol

Custom restroom signs don’t need to have stick-figure people on them. You can use many other symbols to represent the genders on your signs. Try to find characters that reflect your business. For example, a bar could put a picture of a masculine drink on one door and an image of a more feminine drink on another.

You’ll still have to include an ADA bathroom sign that makes the rooms clear for those with disabilities.

Whole Door Signs

Are your bathroom doors hard to see from across the restaurant? Add a vinyl layer to the whole door to make it stand out. You can do something as simple as making one door blue and the other pink.  

As with the other signs, don’t forget that you’ll need an ADA bathroom sign along with these more unusual signs.

Choose Georgetown Sign Company for Custom Restroom Signs

Let the creative professionals at the Georgetown Sign Company come up with a truly unique bathroom door sign for your company. We offer innovative, quality custom bathroom signs to those in Austin and surrounding areas. Contact us to get a free consultation today.

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