5 Great Ideas for Lobby Signs

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Your custom lobby sign should be more than just your branding. It should be original, interesting, and it should deeply reflect your brand identity. Lobby signage makes the first impression on your customers and helps reinforce your image as a quality brand if they are of high quality too. If you’re looking to make a more significant impact with your lobby sign, consider these five great ideas that you can modify to suit your brand more specifically.

1. Hanging Lobby Signs

Many lobby signs are mounted to the wall. However, you can do much more with the location of your sign. Hanging signs remind customers of a stable, traditional, and old-fashioned business. If your brand focuses on simplicity or authority, using hanging lobby signage might be better. Hang it over an entryway or just off a wall.

2. Lit Lobby Signs

Nothing elevates a sign like light, and that includes a lobby sign. Lit lobby signage is more dramatic, beautiful, and they elevate the feeling in your space. You have many options when it comes to lighting options for lobby signs. You can add backlighting or internal lighting. You can use neon light, add blinking light, or something more subtle. 

3. Vinyl & Acrylic Lobby Signs

Don’t have the funds for as big of a sign as you’d like? Combining multiple materials can be a great way to get a bigger sign and cut costs. Have a large vinyl backdrop and add an acrylic element in front of it. You still get the stunning effect of the acrylic popping out from the wall.

4. On Your Front Desk                                 

Office lobby signs don’t have to be placed on the wall. Some can make a significant impact if you install them on your front desk instead. Your customer will be sure to see the sign as they talk with your receptionist. Be sure to communicate your intent to put your sign on your desk early in the design process.

5. Digital Lobby Signage

Do you want more flexibility in your lobby sign? You can send a more detailed message from a digital lobby sign. With this kind of sign, you can even promote sales, educate your customers, highlight employee achievements, and do much more.

Get More Great Custom Lobby Sign Ideas from the Georgetown Sign Company

Georgetown Sign Company can bring you the fresh, exciting ideas you need to make an impact with your lobby signage. Contact us to discuss your bright ideas or hear some of ours.

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