5 Reasons Vehicle Wraps are so Effective for Local Advertising

Custom Truck Wrap In Austin, TX - Georgetown Sign Company

Many Georgetown business owners say they wish they had thought of it sooner—using vehicle wraps, that is, to turn their company vehicles into attention-grabbing, portable billboards!

Do you Know Why Custom Vehicle Wraps Have Proven to be so Popular in Austin? 

  1. You Can’t Help but Read Them!

Most of us would agree that it’s human nature to read what’s in front of us, whether it be the back of a cereal box or the back of that van sitting in front of us in traffic. This is exactly the point of auto wraps—people read them, think about them, and hopefully, act on them in terms of trying a new restaurant or the latest type of beer!

  • They Stand Out in a Crowd

In a sea of vehicles on our downtown streets or busy highways, it’s not likely that a car or van beside you stands out (unless it’s a bright red Ferrari), but what we do notice is vehicles that are covered in bright, noticeable graphics. Auto or truck wraps can be completely customized to really stand out in a crowd. As your vehicles drive around town, they promote your company and your message to potential clients.   

  • Vehicle Wraps Promote Your Message to a Targeted Local Audience

Whether you own a gym, a hair salon, or a local pharmacy, as a business owner, it is a smart investment to promote your business to a targeted audience. Turn unused space on your vehicles into portable ads that will be seen in your parking lot and in your community.

  • Reach People on the Move with Custom Vinyl Wraps on Your Vehicles

A study conducted by  Arbitron, Inc., shows that 90% of Americans travel by car on a weekly basis. This creates huge potential for business owners to reach a huge audience while they are in their cars, travelling to work, home or the local soccer field. And the same study concludes that clear, easy to read auto wraps can generate 25,000 to 55,000 impressions a day!

  • Vehicle Wraps Are a Cost-Effective and Unique Form of Advertising

Business owners in Austin, Texas are discovering that vehicle wraps are a good advertising investment. Not only are they unique, the benefits of ‘being noticed’ are being enjoyed as soon as your newly transformed vehicles roll out of the shop, and for up to five years, regardless of weather.

Learn How to Turn Your Company Fleet into Moving Billboards with Vehicle Wraps

Whether it’s one car or an entire fleet, trust Georgetown Sign Company in Austin to professionally design, manufacture and install your custom vehicle wraps. Contact us today for a free quote.

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