5 Ways Truck Wraps Improve Your Brand’s Visibility

Truck Wraps For Brand Advertising in Austin, TX - Georgetown Sign Company

In order to be impactful your advertising needs to wow people. Place an ad on a billboard or even a large hoarding and people may not even notice it. After all, we have become so used to tuning out the barrage of advertising around us. Truck wraps, on the other hand, can be tremendously eye-catching.

A number of businesses in Georgetown have started to use custom truck wraps to promote their brand. From tradesmen to real estate agents, any business that has commercial vehicles has discovered the benefits of striking imagery on the side of their vehicles. So, what is it that they know and you don’t? Read on to discover how you too could be enhancing your brand awareness with wraps for your vehicles.

According to 3M, fleet wraps offer a cost per thousand impressions (CPM) which is 16 times less than a single radio ad!

Impactful truck wraps

Bright and shiny truck wraps stand out from all other cars on the road. People will notice and pay attention to your vehicle. Make sure you give them something memorable to look at with exciting designs, not just your business name and contact information.

Fleet wraps are as effective at identifying businesses as an airline’s livery on its planes.

Mobile advertising

A business’s vehicles will likely traverse the city several times a day. That’s a mobile billboard being driven through a high population centre, and an incredible way to show off your brand to thousands of people. More than just ‘impressions’, you’ll advertise to a wide demographic and be seen by people at different times of the day.

More intimate messaging

Advertise at a distance and the message loses its meaning to a great extent. People relate much more to messages that are physically closer to them. They feel that it is more relevant to them, and are more likely to convert. This sense of closeness also promotes greater top of mind recall. Try out interesting promotions, such as discounts or free consultations, to really persuade your audience.

A study found that 96% of participants considered custom truck wraps to be more impactful than billboards.

Making brands go viral

Spend any time on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and you’ll find vehicles to be a constant source of engagement. With the right fleet wraps, you too can make the most of ‘going viral’. Creative and original designs are undoubtedly appealing to smartphone-totting millennials. It’s a great way of getting your brand some positive publicity on social media.

Advertising that doesn’t break the bank

The most centrally located and expensive billboard in Georgetown will cost thousands of dollars for even a few days of advertising. On top of that you have to handle the mounds of city permission paperwork, and the cost of printing and installing the hoarding. All in all, it means your ‘advertising’ budget is spent mostly trying to secure advertising space. With truck wraps, your advertising space is completely free. It means you can keep your ads running all day every day and for as long as you want. Now that’s what you call maximizing your brand building effort!

The biggest benefit of promoting your brand close to your audience can backfire if your custom truck wraps are not properly installed. Low quality wrapping, bubbling, warping and frayed edges are immediately apparent. That’s why you need to get your fleet wraps designed by Georgetown Sign Company, for your commercial vehicles. Our team will help you decide between the various fleet wrap options, create incredible designs and schedule wrapping to ensure minimum downtime for you. Contact us today to find out how quickly and affordably you can get truck wraps for your fleet.

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