6 Great Ideas for Your Custom Truck Wraps

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Custom truck wraps can make your commercial vehicle fleet doubly useful, as they promote your brand message everywhere they go. The sign pros at Georgetown Sign Company can help you design and display vinyl truck wraps that get your brand out there and get your business noticed by potential customers all over the Georgetown, Texas, area.

1. Less Is More :

The first commandment of good commercial truck wraps is to keep things as simple as possible. Cluttered signage is hard to read at the best of times, and it’s even harder when it’s rolling past at freeway speeds. While you probably have a lot to say about your brand, and there’s probably a lot to commend you to customers, it’s better to go with two or three key elements people will remember than 10 that they’ll forget. Ideally, you should have something eye-catching, like a mascot or bold design, your company name, and some easy-to-remember contact information.

2. Use the Whole Surface in Custom Truck Wraps :

Commercial vehicles tend to be big, and a commercial truck has what amounts to a large blank canvas you can work with. Don’t be afraid to use that available space to its utmost. We often help clients with ideas for their branding, work up custom truck wraps that cover all the sides of their vehicles, and make the most out of what would otherwise be jarring blank space.

3. Use Bold Colors :

Bold colors catch the eye and practically demand that people read your message. Red, blue, white, yellow, and thick black text over light-colored backgrounds, are patterns and palettes that catch people’s eyes and encourage them to read your message. If you’d like to know what kind of colors and patterns do best on truck wraps, think about national flags and the way they’re designed to stand out. Your brand messages are the flag of your business, so it pays to make a statement that gets noticed.

4. Skip Photos for Graphics :

Photographs are totally doable on truck wraps, but you should usually skip them. Photos that look too much like realistic scenes have a tendency to blend into the background, and the purpose of your wrap is to stand out. Instead of easily missed color photos, think about using custom graphics, which pop nicely and get much more attention. If you decide you should use actual photographs, consider using black and white, which at least makes the images look like photos, rather than a humdrum background people can drive past without noticing.

5. Always Include Contact Info in your Custom Truck Wraps:

Your wrap is your brand voice, and it should always include a call to action. While it’s tempting to add a QR code or other smartphone-friendly feature, nothing beats your name and easily remembered local phone number. Put those on every side of the truck and make sure they can be seen from a distance.

6. Get Professional Help :

Finally, there’s no substitute for getting professionals to help you design your custom truck wraps. The design pros at the Georgetown Sign Company have years of experience helping local businesses get their brand to the public via custom wraps.

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