All You Need to Know About ADA Signs

ADA Entrance Signage

Using ADA-compliant signage is one of the most crucial needs for any public space in today’s bustling world. It’s essential to make your area as accessible as possible.

Suppose you’re using signage for your business and are not aware of whether they are completely compliant with the American Disabilities Act (ADA). In that case, there is a big chance that you may end up repelling a lot of customers and even employees.

Not sure what the ADA entails? Here, we have everything that you need to know about it. Read on, and it’ll help you steer clear of lawsuits, fines, and other penalties.

What Are ADA Signs?

To put it quite simply, these are signs that comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act and are mandatory for all businesses of all kinds. “Mandatory” means that the place of business MUST have ADA-compliant signs, or they can most definitely be legally liable for their absence. Your employees, customers, passersby, anyone can sue you.

An ADA sign is required to be used by businesses to improve the accessibility, accommodation, and safety of people with disabilities. This includes ADA signs with braille for the visually impaired, clear directional signage for people with other disabilities or those with difficulty understanding complex signage.

Remember that ADA signs are regulated; you can read more about those regulations in the guide for ADA Standards for Accessible Design. Here, you will find detailed guidance on the following:

  • Sign dimensions
  • The regulated sign placement
  • Font/typeface, the height of the text, spacing used, as well as which visual characters to be used on these custom ADA signs

Where Is ADA Signage Supposed to be Placed?

Now, remember that most of these ADA signs, whether they’re custom braille ADA signs or ADA compliant bathroom signs – it makes the most sense to use them as indoor signage. There is a general need for your signage to be less complex for the outdoor signs. The most common outdoor form of custom ADA compliant signage is accessible parking spaces. The government has a different set of rules for these ADA signs, so please follow those regulations.

Inside any workplace, you are to label every room, any space, or different doors. Using ADA braille signs for all these types of disclosures is the most commonly used. Signs have to be mounted at a height that’s easily accessible because if you’re using custom braille signs for the visually impaired, for example, they need to be able to touch it to read the sign.

Your Georgetown ADA Sign Supplier

Whether you want to use custom ADA-compliant signs for your public space or install ADA bathroom signs, you must go through the documentation tagged above. Suppose it’s confusing and you want professional help. In that case, we at Georgetown Sign Company have plenty of professionals on board who can help you create ADA-compliant signs in Georgetown, TX.

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