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In today’s day and age, there is an overwhelming number of ways that you can advertise to your potential customers. While social media, multimedia displays, and keyword tagging are all effective and excellent, sometimes using more tried-and-true traditional techniques like banners as they are precisely what you need to give your business that boost above the competition. Georgetown Sign Company is your local Austin’s trusted source for all types of custom banners.

Let’s look at a few of the ways that using vinyl banners might benefit you and your business’ advertising needs in Austin.

Banners can Target Your Ideal Audience in Austin

Regardless of where you place your banner, odds are there is a higher likelihood that the people will look at it and notice it and become potential customers. By using them in Austin to market your business or event, you will be able to save time, resources, and money trying to reach out to potential leads.

They are Proven to be Effective

Banners are such a regular part of our daily lives, they often found in schools, companies, event venues, sporting events, and community centers, among other areas. A well-designed vinyl banner in Austin can be an incredibly impactful way of advertising and reaching a wide array of potential customers. Designing a custom banner that is on point with your branding and has your recognizable logo, and color scheme is a great way to attract customer attention, but also keep your advertising cost on the lower end of the scale.

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They are Reusable

They are easy to transport and have no hidden or recurring costs once they are manufactured. In fact, they continue to help promote your company every time they are used.

Contrary to popular belief, they are not all the same, and by no means do they have to be boring. Some of the most popular kinds of custom banners include:

  • Bow banners
  • Vinyl banners
  • Pop up banners
  • Event banners
  • Retractable banners
  • Mesh banners
  • Fabric banners
  • Hanging banners
  • Advertising banners
  • Banner Signs
  • Campaign banners
  • Outdoor banners
  • And More!

One of the most common uses of banners is for promotions or sales. This is because they are an effective way to capture the public’s attention, helping you to provide excellent opportunities for your customers. But because they are so famous for sales, many companies make them, and many of them are forgettable. Our highly trained and experienced Austin sign experts know every trick in the book when it comes to sign marketing. They understand the difference between an average one and a memorable one. We would love to speak with you and collaborate to make sure the final product exceeds your expectations.

At Georgetown Sign Company, we take the quality of our customer service and products extremely seriously. It is our job to make sure that your business signs are doing what they are supposed to do and making your company successful.

If you have any questions about our custom banners or any of our other products, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We would love to discuss how our products can help to promote the success of your business in Austin.

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The most popular type of banners we make are made from vinyl. They are easy to customize and durable in indoor and outdoor settings. We offer many kinds of vinyl banners, such as retractable banners and pop-up banners, but they can also be made from fabric, canvas, or mesh.


Yes, we can make double-sided banners. These may be an ideal option if your banner is going to be visible from both sides. We can also do two different designs on either side, creating a more memorable banner sign. Incorporating both sides in one design, such as a question-and-answer design is another clever idea.

This depends on what type of banner you get. A vinyl hanging banner requires hooks or grommets and rope. Other banners, such as a retractable banner can be set up on a base that the banner rolls up into. Flag banners are also easy to install outside your shop; you simply bury the pole into the ground.

Yes, but to get the most out of your banner, you need to ensure it gets attention. Hanging it in a visible location, incorporating eye-catching graphics or vivid colors, and allowing for movement are excellent ways to ensure lots of people will see your banner.

Use a large banner when you have the right amount of space. However, this doesn’t just mean that the physical space for the installation can accommodate a large banner; it also means that the space will complement this size of sign as well. Not all interior locations look visually appealing with large signage. Also, be aware of any size restrictions in terms of the local zoning restrictions and indoor building code.

You should use a double-sided banner when your banner is going to be seen from multiple angles. For example, if you plan on hanging your banner in the middle of a room, a double-sided banner is an ideal way to optimize both sides of the material and maximize the visibility of your sign.


While you can use any size font you would like on a banner, we recommend using a font size that aligns with the size of the banner. For example, the larger the sign, the larger the font. Similarly, take note of the distance away you want onlookers to be able to read the sign, and then adjust the font size accordingly.

We determine the pricing for banner orders by their type of material, the design that is chosen, and the size. Most banners are priced per square foot, which means the larger the banner, the more of an investment it will be. There may also be an installation fee if you require help with the installation process.

A business banner should include the most vital information pertaining to your business, such as your name, contact information, address, website URL, and social media information. It may also be essential to include a concise message and design that entices people into giving your business a try!


The best way to attract business is to implement a creative design that people notice and to install your banner in a high-traffic area. You can also include interactive elements, such as a QR code, that pique people’s curiosity and continue their interaction with your business.