Blade Signs Near You

What are blade signs? If you’ve ever been shopping, you’ve definitely seen these signs before. They are thin, double-sided, and typically have the store name, logo, and other identifying information. Most often, blade signs are rectangular, and you might see them attached to a perimeter wall or low overhang. That placement ensures customers driving or walking by can see these signs more clearly than if they are attached directly to the wall.

Blade signs display perpendicular to the ground and are usually mounted on the side of a building. These signs help direct visitors to your store’s entrance in Georgetown. Custom blade signs are commonly attached to the outside of a building to attract attention from both directions.

Georgetown Sign Company offers indoor and outdoor blade signs. If you want more customers to come inside, make sure your exterior signage is appealing and informative.

Business Signs in Austin, TX - Georgetown Sign Company
Business Signs in Austin, TX - Georgetown Sign Company

Uses for Blade Signs

A vertical blade sign is guaranteed to draw attention to your business. These symbols can give your company a sense of uniqueness and dynamism. Traditionally, blade signs were carved from wood and painted bright colors. Over time, these planks have evolved to reflect a more high-tech feel, with flashy designs and vibrant colors. There are many types of blade signs to choose from. Interior blade signs help customers find specific products and departments.

Sandblasted Hanging Blade Signs

These are made from high-density urethane (HDU) boards that are sandblasted to reveal the style, details, and 3D lettering you choose. They are painted and sealed for longevity and durability. These signs are weather-resistant, making them ideal for outdoor use.

Box-shaped Hanging Blade Signs

Lightbox cabinets add illumination to your storefront display area. Box-shaped blade signs have an imprinted vinyl overlay or dimensional letters on the front. You can install double-sided blade signs to attract pedestrians from both sides of the road. Illuminated blade signs are becoming very popular with Georgetown businesses.


Aluminum is a good choice for lightweight, cost-effective signage. We decorate both sides with paint, vinyl overlays, or dimensional letters.

Blade signs are effective in high-traffic areas, so you can use them to appeal to drivers and pedestrians in outdoor strip malls, commercial tenant buildings, and open areas such as plazas.

With their outward-facing design, blade signs attract potential customers as they walk past a row of businesses. A custom sign alerts customers to a brand and its offerings by displaying important logos, taglines, shop names, and other essential information.

Customers are more likely to enter a store if the main graphics are on the building’s exterior. Blade graphics in Georgetown create a custom sign that shares important logos, tag lines, shop names, and other key information to entice new purchases.

Plastic Styles of Blade Signs

There are many styles of blade signs. Fabrication of plastic blade signs is a simple and cost-effective alternative to metal fabrication. Plastic blade signs are available in various colors and can be molded into virtually any shape. Acrylic’s glossy finish gives it a high-end feel appreciated for its adaptability and durability.

The cost of a blade sign depends on the size, materials, and other options. Feel free to ask for a quote.

Your Reliable Local Sign Company

Georgetown Sign Company’s blade signs are made with meticulous attention to detail and expert construction. A decorative framework, which later supports the installation of the mounting arm, makes it simple to incorporate into virtually any type of environment. Request an appointment to discuss your blade signage requirements.

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