Branded Spaces in Georgetown

Are you looking to create a branded space for your company? Designing a branded space for your reception area or conference room is a good way to wow your clients and guests who visit your company. You can also create a branded space for company meeting rooms or in a breakroom where your employees hang out. Designing pieces for custom branded spaces is just one of the ways that Georgetown Sign Company can help you make your business shine.

Custom Made Wall Murals in Austin, TX - Georgetown Sign Company
Custom Made Wall Murals in Austin, TX - Georgetown Sign Company

What are Branded Spaces?

Branded spaces are indoor business areas designed to showcase your brand in a way that is exciting and eye-catching. Anyone who enters your branded space will know how you see your brand through the use of coordinated branded pieces, including:

With the right combination of branded signs and graphics, your brand room in Georgetown will let everyone know what your brand is all about.

What is the Typical Cost for Branded Spaces?

The cost for branded spaces varies depending on how many pieces you want, what type of branded pieces will be used, and the size of the selected signs. Georgetown Sign Company experts will work with you to select the right signs and murals to fill your branded space. We can discuss your goals and what you are thinking of to fit your particular space.

Uses for Branded Spaces

Branded spaces can be used for many purposes that meet the needs of your business. For instance, an ice cream shop may want to create a branded space to host children’s birthday parties. Or a small business may want to create a branded space to take their clients for meetings. A branded space makes a great backdrop for shooting videos to market your business. A restaurant can use branded spaces to create ambiance throughout its entire dining room. Branded spaces can be designed for so many uses.

Branding Your Reception Area

One of the most common types of brand spaces is the waiting room or reception area where clients wait for an appointment. There are probably several branded spaces near you like this that you have visited recently. Your reception area can create the mood you want for your visitors. Using wall murals, signage, or window graphics, you can educate anyone who enters. Or you can use your space to evoke a specific atmosphere.

Types of Branding for Interior Rooms

Branding a room offers many choices in exactly what you want to display. Some options are:

  • Logo Signage
  • Accent Walls
  • Wall Murals – Artwork or historical information
  • Window Clings – Add to privacy or decor
  • Directory Signs
  • Photo Collages – Turned into a wall sign or mural

Branding your space can use any of these ideas and incorporate your own branding ideas. Every piece is custom-made to your specifications in order to create the vision you have for your business.

Want to Learn More About Branding?

Thinking about how you can brand your own space? Contact us to learn more or to get a quote.

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