Bring Life to Your Workplace With Office Interior Signs

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Interior signs offer exciting ways of customizing your office space. Seen so many offices on YouTube with large signs on their walls? There’s a reason why people do that. Signs at the workplace may seem like a relatively recent development. However, they have in recent years been replacing the concept of hanging paintings and pictures on the wall. After all, if you must hang something on the wall, let it at least be functional for your office.

Interior signs to make the space your own

Don’t let your office look and feel like the thousands of others, with blank walls and no character. You and your staff work hard; let your pride and passion shine through. Let’s look at some custom indoor signs that you can add to your workplace.

Lobby signs

Why don’t you have a lobby sign? Any business that is proud of its work will display its name and logo proudly in the lobby. It’s where clients and customers enter first – and it makes a great first impression. What’s more, lobby signs really help break the monotony of white walls.

LED Signs

LED has become such a generic term for ‘lights.’ Want to light it up? Get some LEDs. Brightly lit signs really help catch the attention and add another dimension to the space they occupy. Play around with colors and type of LED integration to find exactly what you are looking for. In fact, if you want, you can even incorporate mood lighting into your custom indoor signs. It’s a great way of setting the tempo of the company throughout the day.

Displays and scrolling interior signs

Business owners in Austin are increasingly making use of moving images on their signs. Made of matrix displays or LCDs, these highly customizable interior signs are extremely attention grabbing. One use has been their use as ‘tickers’. Just like on Wall St. in New York, tickers inside the office relay real time performance information and company news. It’s a very dynamic way of keeping employees engaged – and visitors. Nothing like drumming up some motivation with a little healthy competition, we say.

Custom wall graphics

Customized wall graphics have become popular for their stylishness – and their utility. Whether you want a personalized message, an inspirational quote or the company motto, we can make it happen. Wall graphics can be created in a full spectrum of colors too. They can be cut to virtually any shape. Whether you want to create an inspiring space or showcase your portfolio, nothing says it better than custom interior signs.

Seasonal signs

We just never understood why custom indoor signs have always been considered so permanent. Celebrate the festivities with custom signs. Not just your employees, you can really wow clients and customers with your attention to detail. If you need help with a Christmas graphic or something for the 4th of July, just get in touch with us in Austin. Our designers can help you design incredible graphics for your walls.

At Georgetown Sign Company we make sure you get what you want. Our interior signs are made of the highest quality materials and are finished to high standards. They’ll be sturdy too: so, you can take them off and move them around to your heart’s content. Contact us today to get started on your next project.

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