Ceiling Signs: A Unique Asset for Businesses of All Sizes

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When looking to improve the optics, advertising, and wayfinding in an area, business owners will look to their walls, furniture, and even the floor in a room – but, often forget about all the empty space right above their heads: the ceiling! That’s why ceiling signs are frequently overlooked too. We caution business owners to avoid repeating this common mistake. Because this signage offers tons of unique benefits!

Hanging signs from a ceiling may sound odd. But, they’re actually one of the best ways to display signs.

Ceiling signs allow you to improve your business in a way like no other:

What Benefits Can Hanging Signs from a Ceiling Offer a Large Business?

Ceiling signs are one of the best formats to use for helping people navigate their way around a business.

Especially, for larger businesses. For example, hospitals, airports, gyms, libraries, sports venues, supermarkets, and shopping malls. This is because the sign is hung from a drop ceiling sign hanger making the sign visible from far away.

Therefore, it’s smart to hang signs from a ceiling above designated areas in a large space to improve wayfinding. For example, on top of the entranceways of aisles in a supermarket or close to doorways and staircases in a long corridor. They’re also great for crowd control.

By hanging signs high up in plain view with big, easy-to-read font (like san-serif typeface), to identify the names of the areas beneath them, people can spot out different locations in a room or a hallway from a distance.

What Benefits Can Hanging Signs from a Ceiling Offer a Small Business?

Another unique benefit, that makes ceiling signs special is their ability to maximize the utility of a room. This is a particularly important feature that makes ceiling signs an optimal solution for smaller businesses with little to no empty physical space available.

For example, barbershops, beauty salons, take-out restaurants, repair shops & garages, banks, and many offices in Austin oftentimes seek out help from us to improve their business with custom indoor signs, yet feel they lack the room for them. To which we jokingly say: take a good look around your place of business once again. Because, more often than not, the ceiling’s empty!

Hanging signs from a ceiling can work just as well as installing a sign elsewhere. In fact, the ceiling’s often the best place to display signs, not only for directions but for advertisements and brand promotion as well. This is due to their visibility and the way they stand out in a room.

At times, signs on a wall or floor are hidden behind people or items in a congested space. Ceiling signs, on the other hand, always remain visible. Since they’re suspended above the ground, objects or crowds of people cannot conceal them.

Whether you manage a tiny shop or big-box department store, ceiling signs are an asset to all businesses.

Get in touch with our friendly and experienced team located in Georgetown, Texas to learn how you can start taking advantage of the ceiling in your space.

We build durable and high-quality signs and fixtures you can trust. Whether you’re looking for a custom ceiling sign suspended from a drop ceiling sign hanger or even some creative ceiling graphics to take your business to new heights – We’re here to help!

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