Custom Drop Ceiling Signs in Austin

Generally, when trying to find space to install graphics, we tend to look at the walls, or for areas on the floor. Where freestanding signs can go without impacting the flow of traffic. Sometimes we might even look at the window, or if we are really trying to get creative business owners might consider floor graphics. All these graphics and signs are fantastic options and can be extremely effective. But often we don’t have space for them, however we do tend to have room for them on our ceilings. This is where suspended ceiling signs can come into play.

Why Businesses In Austin Should Invest In Custom Drop Ceiling Signs

The concept of drop ceiling signs might initially seem a little bit odd, however, putting graphics up on a ceiling isn’t a new concept. They go back to at least the 15th century and the Sistine Chapel. That said, it’s remarkable how many people do not even consider the ceiling as an area to expand their marketing too or put signs. But oftentimes, ceilings are the perfect location signs in Austin.

Picture a quaint bookstore, situated in the heart of a small town in Texas. You want a sign of some sort; perhaps the store’s name or logo for branding purposes, or maybe it’s a fun graphic designed to appeal to the children and caregivers who shop there or even something more basic that points towards the restrooms. The walls are lined with shelving that is overflowing with books, a blend of childhood classics and modern favorites. And between the deep book shelving and seating throughout the store, there isn’t much room left on the floor – especially when you consider the foot traffic. So where can your sign go? Well, what about the ceiling? Instead of sneaking it somewhere that it might fit, why not install a hanging sign from ceiling that can be seen from almost anywhere inside the store.

Custom Ceiling Signage in Austin, TX - Georgetown Sign Company

Hanging Ceiling Signs By Georgetown Sign Company

Few surfaces offer as much real estate as ceilings do and we can find the ideal spot on your ceiling for graphics. We understand that not only they give you a visible place to put eye-catching images and important messages, they also show that you care about safety and security. Unlike other signs, custom drop ceiling double-faced signs are visible from both ends of the hallway. This means that no matter where people are coming from, they know where they are going, making it easier for patrons to find their way, and more difficult for them to get lost.

Perhaps one of the best things about them is that they can either be attached directly to a ceiling or suspended from it. Because of this drop ceiling signs are common in large establishments and are often used to direct patrons to various amenities and services. They can also help organize large crowds in hallways, corridors, and open areas.

Businesses where custom ceiling signs are most common include:

  • Shopping malls
  • Transportation hubs (subways, bus stations, train stations, airports)
  • Hospitals
  • Banks
  • Concert arenas
  • Sports venues

At Georgetown Sign Company, a sign company in Austin, Texas, we understand that, and we know how impactful putting that otherwise vacant space to good use can be. If you are interested in finding out more about our custom ceiling signs and graphics, feel free to reach out to us today. One of our experienced staff members would be happy to discuss this innovative and eye-catching sign option with you.

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