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Are you looking for a commercial fleet wrap company? Don’t just settle for any company because your wrap’s quality and the quality of your experience with the company making it are essential for your business’ success. Instead, choose the fleet wrap company that can meet your specific needs and get you the best quality wraps. Here are four key questions to ask yourself to help narrow down your choices.

1. What Kind of Wraps Do They Offer?

Different kinds of vehicle wrap suit different brands, messages, and budgets. If your company only offers one or two, they may steer you to one of their products instead of the sign type that is best for you. At a minimum, your custom fleet wrap company should offer:

2. Do You Like the Work in Their Gallery?

Most sign companies have galleries of their work online. Look through the galleries of the companies that you’re considering and see if you like their wraps. It is particularly telling if they have examples of fleet wraps where two or more vehicles are clearly for the same brand but are slightly different designs.

3. Do They Offer Free Consultations?

Custom fleet wraps, especially in large fleets, are a significant investment. There’s no reason for the company to start by charging for giving you some general information. Reputable companies offer free consultations because they want to make sure that you are both a good fit for each other. It shouldn’t cost you to get some questions answered.

4. What Will They Include on the Graphic?

A good designer will walk you through all of the potential elements you can include on your vehicle wraps and discuss whether they are right for your goals. Options include:

  • Clear, readable brand name and other text
  • A centralized logo
  • Your exact brand colors and images
  • Arrows, lines, and other flourishes
  • Contact information for your company
  • High-resolution images of your logo and potentially other items like products and services

You might not need all of these elements, but your designer should help you decide which are most important.

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