Commercial Fleet Wraps

Commercial fleets have been wrapped with vinyl graphics for decades, and these signs have become synonymous with the vehicles. In many cases, fleets have long-term contracts with a sign company, and they often choose to change their graphics every few years to update their fleet’s look and feel. The most common use of vinyl is to add a logo or other graphic to a fleet vehicle, but in recent years, fleets have recently started to use the vinyl in creative ways to update their fleet’s look and feel.

What is a Commercial Fleet Wrap?

A commercial fleet wrap is a vinyl graphic applied to the sides of a fleet vehicle in order to transform its appearance. The logo or graphic on the vehicle is called a livery, and it is most commonly used by public transport companies like airlines, bus lines, trains, taxis, etc. Commercial fleets are often wrapped with vinyl to advertise their company, and it is becoming more popular than ever.

With the ability to change with little effort, fleet wraps & graphics are appealing to many companies because they can be updated frequently without purchasing new vehicles or expensive re-painting. The vinyl also offers protection against weather elements like rain, snow, UV rays, etc., which means it has a long lifespan.

Some companies don’t even purchase new vehicles anymore, as they just update the vinyl fleet graphics instead! This way, they save money and keep their fleet looking fresh. Many displays can be changed as frequently as once a month, so fleet graphics are a great option if you want to increase brand awareness and give your company the appearance of growth without spending too much money on new vehicles.

Types of Commercial Fleet Wraps in Cedar Park, TX

Commercial fleet wraps are great for promoting a company’s logo or slogan or making an announcement such as a sale. They can also be used to promote specific departments within a company, such as safety, sales, management, customer service, etc.

Most fleet wrap installations are made using either a cast or calendered-cast film. Calendered is the most popular due to its ease of application but both have their benefits depending on your budget or what you are trying to advertise with your vehicle wrap. A company that offers fleet graphic design and installation services can explain the pros and cons of both.


Fleet graphics are usually applied to a vehicle’s sides and rear quarter panels, the rear window, or the top of a cargo van. It takes a skilled installer to properly apply a fleet wrap because there is no margin for error. An improperly installed fleet wrap can become loose and peel off while your vehicles are in transit, leaving them looking unprofessional.

For professionally installed custom fleet wraps in Cedar Park, TX, contact Georgetown Sign Company for a quote today.

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