Custom Commercial Building Signs in Hutto, TX

With the commercial real estate market continuing to boom, signs are soaring in value. With the high cost of construction and owners looking to cut costs, architects and building owners are gravitating towards signs as the easiest and most cost-effective way to enhance a building’s appeal and return on investment.

There are many different signs used in the commercial real estate market. Wayfinding, exterior and company signs for buildings as well as illuminated and digital signage all help to attract tenants and visitors. They can be found on rooftops, frontages, apartment entrances, lobbies, and even garages.

Types of Commercial Building Signs

  • Building Signs: External and internal signs that identify an entire building. Includes: Covered Entrances, Monument Signs, Awnings and Monument Banners.
  • External Event & Non-Building Identification Signs: Used for events such as conferences or concerts and also include non-building identification such as directional (including wayfinding)  or monument signs.
  • External Business Signs: These are the most well-known form of commercial building identification signs and include hours of operation, real estate signage, tenant/business/customer directory signs, parking signage, and anything else that relates to the exterior of the building or business.
  • Internal Signs: Used to identify individual businesses , hallways, corridors, bathrooms etc.
  • Signage Accessories: Letters and numbers for sign panels, signs with graphic cutouts (for example, a building entrance sign with the company logo in it), special effect lighting, signage cabinets & frames.
  • Wayfinding Aids: Directional/Location/Elevation/Interior Signs.
  • Access Control: Security signs to restrict access to certain areas, typically ‘Authorized Personnel Only’ or ‘Employees only.’
  • Specialty Signs: Used for various purposes typically associated with Charitable Organizations (i.e.- blood donation centers) or government businesses (i.e.- tax offices).

Commercial Building Signs Use Cases

Commercial Signage for Restaurants, Bars and other Food Establishments


Signs for Food Establishments typically give the name of the establishment, along with their logo. These are usually 3 dimensional letters. Some establishments may have 2-dimensional signs instead because they are not as large. Some additional information that could be found on food establishment signs are hours of operation, types of cuisine (i.e., Mexican), and parking availability.

Commercial Signage for Retail Stores

Signs at retail stores contain the business name, address, phone number, and possibly hours of operation. They could also use 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional letters, depending on their size and location. 

Company Signs for Buildings in Hutto, TX Such as Banks


Commercial signs at banks often contain the bank name, logo, and their hours of operation. They could also include any additional information about services that are offered. As with retail stores, 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional letters are used depending on the size of the location/establishment.

Outdoor Commercial Signs in Hutto, TX

Outdoor signs include those that are placed on building exteriors and those that are set up as free-standing structures for advertising purposes. They’re often used to promote a business or advertise a sale, concert, festival, or other special events. Outdoors signs can be permanent or temporary.

You Can Rely on Georgetown Sign Company 

Georgetown Sign Company believes that corporate signage, custom decals, and custom graphics are a must for any business owner who wants to present a professional image to their customers, employees, and the general public. We have a wide variety of high-quality products and services to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to find out more about company signs for buildings in Hutto, TX.
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