Discover the Brand Impact of Monument Signs

Brand Impact of Monument Signs

Monument signs have a traditional look that can turn your business into a landmark in the community. They are often associated with wayfinding, as they are positioned low to the ground, putting them in the perfect line of sight for passing cars and pedestrians. Beyond that, they can be easily customized to match your business’s contemporary, bold, or classy style. Whatever you need, Georgetown Sign Company has you covered.

Regarding signage, we understand that different signs work best for different businesses. We consider industry standards, ensuring your sign choices remain aligned with the products or services you sell. Our talented team can give you a unique twist that helps you stand out from your competitors.

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Build an Exclusive Brand

If you want your business to exude class and attract high-end clientele, there is no better way than with a monument sign. These sign solutions are often found outside of hotels, spas, country clubs, hospitals, and other heavily frequented businesses – and there is a reason for this trend. Monument signs make these businesses visible, attractive, and sought after.

Custom commercial monument signs can showcase what people should expect once they walk through your doors. By showcasing a commitment to quality and professionalism, these signs will do so effortlessly. As they require a significant investment and symbolize a kind of permanence, potential customers will understand that your business does not cut corners.

Start people’s visit to your establishment off on the right foot and watch how your reputation changes for the better.

Cultivate Recognition

Given monument signs are stationed at entrances, high-traffic intersections, and property gates, people will begin to recognize your sign and associate it with your business. One way your sign can become an integral part of the community is by becoming a landmark; while individuals may not be headed to your business, they may use it as a directional que in their journey, which shows the visibility and familiarity of your signage. When people use it this way, more people will notice your sign and your business will grow.


Since monument signs for business are a long-term investment that builds recognition over time, they are made with durable materials that ensure they last for years. Concrete, stone, metal, and brick are a few of your options.

If you are looking to make your sign more visible, we can craft your modern monument sign with LED lights, a digital signboard, or even channel letters. There are various advantages to each option; for example, a digital sign board allows you to change your message and interact with potential customers before they enter your establishment. On the other hand, illumination would increase your visibility, helping you build faster recognition in your community.

Find a Signage Company Today

If you are ready to give your business a posh exterior look with monument signage, reach out to Georgetown Sign Company. We will discuss your design ideas and outline the various stages of your signage project, giving you peace of mind that your sign will turn out as you envision it!

Call us today to speak with one of our signage specialists about your next sign project. We’re excited to get started!

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