Experience the Power of Mobile Advertising with Vehicle Graphics

Custom Truck Wraps For Branding in Austin, TX - Georgetown Sign Company

How often have you been driving around town and notice a delivery truck with the image of a giant tub of ice cream and suddenly you are craving an ice cream cone?   

Vehicle graphics are powerful marketing tools that can instantly turn your company vehicles or fleet into mobile billboards. Your visual company story will be in front of people all over town; where they work, live and play.

Here’s How Vehicle Graphics Work to Reach Thousands of Potential Customers Every Day in Austin, Texas: 

Advertise to a Wider Audience

The average American spends 15 hours a week in a car, either as a driver or a passenger, according to the Arbitron National In-Car Study. What better way to reach potential customers than when while they are commuting or running errands around town?

Automobile graphics visually tell your company story everywhere the vehicle travels. You can choose custom lettering for a minimalistic approach or cover all four sides and even the roof with graphics. Suddenly customers are telling you they are seeing your snazzy new vehicles all over town. Your message and branding are being seen by a wider audience of potential new clients.   

Increase Your Brand Awareness with Automobile Graphics

Your company message and products are being seen more often, by more people. This increases your brand awareness and helps customers become familiar with your brand. Whether you are promoting a type of beer or a new spa in town, vehicle graphics can help increase brand retention and loyalty and help you become the first choice with both new and existing clients.  

Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

Custom vehicle graphics are one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your products and services when compared to many other traditional forms of advertising. You are utilizing the space on your company vehicles which are driving around town anyway. When professionally installed, durable car graphics can last up to five years or more.   

Help Influence Buying Behavior

Seeing your colorful vehicle wrap may just entice someone to give your company a try right on the spot. They can work that quickly to bring customers to your door. They also help keep your company top of mind and build brand loyalty.   

Tell Your story in an Exciting, Innovative Way – the Mobile Way

Your vehicles with their striking graphics create a lasting impression. It puts your products, services and corporate image in front of audiences well beyond your physical location. You may even want to drive your moving billboards to places with high visibility, such as freeways, mall parking lots, concert venues and community events. You will be seen and noticed again and again.

Food truck graphics for advertisement in Austin, TX

 At Georgetown Sign Company, we are one of the most trusted and best-rated sign companies in the Austin area. We design and install top quality, long-lasting vehicle graphics, including car decals, fleet graphics, trailer wraps and truck wraps. Give us a call today at 512-686-4280 for a free quote.  

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