Floor Decals: Are They the Most Understated Marketing Tools?

Custom Floor Decals For Social Distancing in Austin, TX - Georgetown Sign Company

Floor decals are being used everywhere in Austin these days. Ever since the new normal came into play, grocery stores, banks, and other businesses are using floor signage to visually show people where to stand to maintain safe social distancing.

While floor graphics are an important way to inform customers and employees on how to stay safe, custom floor decals are one of the trendiest marketing tools on the market. They may seem understated, but trust us, they are a powerful marketing tool to draw attention to your products in a fun and unique way!   

Custom floor decals for social distancing in Austin, TX

How can your Austin business benefit from custom floor decals?   

  • In-store promotions and point-of-sale. Grocery stores can draw attention to this week’s sale on watermelons with 3D floor decals pointing to the display. Brands can use eye-catching graphics to help increase sales of a specific product.   
  • Promote a new product or service. The latest paint color can be promoted with a 3D floor decal showing the paint spilling all over the floor! This is sure to turn a few heads.   
  • Seasonal sales. Vinyl graphics are inexpensive and quick and easy to remove. Awe-inspiring 3D floor graphics are perfect for promoting a new flavor of latte or advertising a sale on cleats.       
  • Promote your rewards program. Customers may be enticed to sign up right on the spot—literally!
  • Highlight a special company anniversary. Tenth anniversary coming up? We can customize floor decals in the shape of a 10th-anniversary cake for decals to be used throughout your building as part of the celebrations. What a fun and innovative way to create some excitement amongst your customers and staff. 
  • Wayfinding and directional signs. Colleges, hospitals, airports, museums, art galleries, big box stores, outlet malls and other businesses are using custom floor decals as an inexpensive and highly effective way to enhance the customer experience.
  • Increase foot traffic. Malls are using custom floor graphics to help customers locate stores and drive traffic to that location. Museums or art galleries can benefit by driving traffic to certain exhibits–or the gift shop. Retailers are successfully using floor graphics to lead customers from one aisle or department to the next, thereby increasing sales opportunities.   
  • Custom shapes, sizes, and décor accents, compatible with almost all floor surfaces. Round, square, rectangle—even custom shapes, if you can dream it, we can design it.   

At Georgetown Sign Company, we are proud to put customers first. We are the floor decal experts in the Austin area. Contact us today to discuss the many ways floor decals can help keep your customers safe while promoting your business in a truly unique way.

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