Get 24/7 Visibility for Your Business by Investing in LED Signs

Custom Led Signage in Austin, TX - Georgetown Sign Company

Businesses in Georgetown and Austin are using LED signs in greater numbers with good reason. Brightly lit Light Emitting Diode signs offer 24/7 visibility to promote your business day and night. Nothing attracts attention like a colorful, custom LED sign glowing in the dark or shining like a beacon during the day.

The Benefits of Using LED Signs for Your Business

  1. Clear, Bright 24/7 Messaging Capability

LED signs are proven to increase customer awareness 24/7. You can advertise 24 hours a day with minimal power use. The clear, bold messages are brighter than most flat screen TV’s and can be read from afar to attract the attention of drive-by traffic. Built-in graphics, 3D effects, and special backgrounds attract instant attention as messages scroll, flash, pop or remain fixed on the screen.    

  • Easy to Operate

If you can type on a keyboard, you can easily program your LED sign. You can change messages several times a day or even pre-program messages. Using a keyboard, the signs are so easy and fun to operate (with a wide range of graphics and effects) that everyone in your office will want a turn!   

  • Custom LED Signs can Enhance Your Permanent Signs

Your stately monument sign works well to establish your location and advertise the name of your company, but did you know that you can add a built-in LED sign to be able to program messages? Schools, churches, social clubs, gas stations, fitness centers, pharmacies, airports, hotels, dental clinics, and other corporations are using LED neon signs to communicate important information to their clients and employees.

  • Indoor or Outdoor Capability  

The signs are so thin and lightweight (yet durable) they can be used indoors or outdoors, on walls, buildings, hung from the ceiling and more. In some cases you can just plug your indoor sign into into a 110 volt outlet.

  • Engage Customers by Providing Useful Information

Providing the time of day and the date on your custom LED sign can be helpful to customers.  You can even provide weather forecasts, funny messages, inspiring quotes or arrival times for inbound trains.

  • Highlight Sales, Promotions and Events to Increase Sales

You can change your sign as often as you wish and even pre-program scrolling messages. Program your breakfast sandwich special to hit the morning rush and change the message mid-day to promote your hamburger combo. This helps increase sales and encourage last-minute purchases.  

Contact the LED sign specialists in Georgetown and Austin

At Georgetown Sign Company we will collaborate with you from the design phase through to completion and installation to ensure you get the perfect sign to meet your needs. Call us today for a free quote.

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