Get Your Business More Attention With an LED Sign

Custom Led Signage in Austin, TX - Georgetown Sign Company

Signs are a key part of advertising a business, and an LED sign would be a great way to show off your business. LEDs offer many colors to choose from. Georgetown Sign Company specializes in custom, original sign designs, and we offer our services in the Austin and surrounding areas.

Benefits Of LED Lights

Modern LEDs are much more economical and energy-efficient than older models of light bulbs. Energy Star rated residential LEDs are about 75% more efficient than older bulbs and will last up to 25 years longer.

In fact, according to the Department of Energy, they also emit very little heat in comparison to their predecessors. LED signs can also emit light in whatever direction you want whereas with older lights, they had to be reflected and only use about half of their full brightness. This is an area, especially for business owners, which can actually be a huge boost. By replacing your older lit signs with LEDs, you can actually make your business stand out even better than before. Since LEDs can project brighter colors, LED signs have better potential for directing customers to your business.

If residential homes ran outdoor holiday LED lights for roughly 12 hours a day during the holiday season, they could still save anywhere from 70-90% off their energy bill when compared to traditional lights. Commercial properties and businesses might run their lights all year round, but just by switching your older light up signs you still save a large sum of money.

ADA signs can be lit longer this way, making it even easier for your company to stay within regulations.

Georgetown Sign Company LED Products

As a company that specializes in custom signs, we offer a wide variety of lighted signs, LED neon signs, electronic signs and digital signs.

Digital signs can be a great way to promote your business. You can program your display to flicker at whatever pace you want or have your lights gradually fade in and out as they change colors. With a digital board, you can even have an image digitally to have it fade from one brand image to another.

LED neon signs are a classic way to steer customers to your business. “Welcome” “We’re Open” or “Closed” are the simplest examples of neon signs, but we can craft whatever message your business requires. You could also keep with the traditional neon signs but have them be programmed to project different colors so your business isn’t just another place with the same boring, standard signs. Georgetown Sign Company services business in the Georgetown and Austin areas which are bustling with numerous businesses. Call Georgetown Sign Company, and get your business a unique custom-made LED sign!

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