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Physical business signage is an incredibly powerful way of promoting your brand. Despite the huge increase in digital marketing budgets, physical signs continue to deliver great value. Why? There’s something about a physical sign that exudes credibility. After all, ‘seeing is believing’.

Commercial building signs have remained one of the most effective ways of reaching your audience. They offer real ‘location’ to your business and raise top of mind recall.

So, whether you are looking to growing your existing brand or launch a new one in Austin, make sure you invest in dazzling custom exterior signs.

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Benefits of commercial building signs

To stand out in a crowded market, building signs are a must. Exterior signs help express your vision and business’ personality. Today, signs can be customized to be exactly what you want them to be too: be it color, shape or style.

  • Signs become guideposts or ‘locating pins’ for your business. If you think you are disadvantaged by your location, custom exterior signs can help counter that greatly.
  • Signs are advertising – without the large cost. They are your billboards (not literally), only you don’t have to pay an advertising company thousands of dollars to rent space.
  • A sign immediately convinces passersby of your legitimacy. If you are a new business, they’ll help ease your customers’ concerns about your credentials.
  • Well-designed and well-built signs help make the right first impression. Don’t forget, people will judge your products based on your store sign!
  • Have us create a visually appealing custom-building sign and watch people pose for pictures in front of it. Yes, you can put your social media handles on the sign too.

Types of exterior commercial signs

Wondering how quickly you can get building signs for your business? Before you have us design yours, learn about the different installation options you have.

Canopy – Canopies are often confused with awnings. However, unlike awnings they are not intended to provide shelter. Canopies will just out slightly from the wall and display your brand on three sides.

Awnings – Like canopies awnings extend outwards from above your front door. You can decide how much you want your awning to extend. You’ll get advertising on three sides. They also lend a very premium and memorable feel to your business.

Channel letters – Channel letters are mounted above your store front. With a channel letter sign, each letter is mounted individually. It creates a very visual, three-dimensional sign. Add LED lighting and you can really make your business stand out.

Roof signs – Roof signs are mounted on the roof or high up on the walls of the building. These are effectively billboard advertising, as well as store front signs.

Digital signs – Moving display signs are a great way of attracting attention. A ticker is a great example of moving display signs. Show off promotions, menus and services, or creative visuals to capture peoples’ attention. That’s how you gain repeat customers.

At Georgetown Sign Company, we have helped hundreds of businesses create eye-catching commercial signs. Whatever your design or desire we can make it happen. If you are feeling a little short on ideas, get in touch and our design team can show you some great ideas.

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