Custom Hanging Signs Elevate Your Business

Hanging signs are an excellent opportunity to show your customers that you are committed to quality, whether it is in the products or services that you supply, or the promotional products you choose for your business. Custom hanging signs also show your competitors that you are willing to go the extra mile to make your business stand apart. After all, there are tons of low-quality signs out there. So, by choosing a long-lasting and premium hanging sign from Georgetown Sign Company, you are making a statement.

We Only Make Signs That Are Unique

At Georgetown Sign Company, we have decades worth of experience in creating an assortment of sign solutions that are designed and customized to suit your unique business needs. Every event space, office, restaurant, hair salon, and store is unique. So, recommending the same sign solutions for each of them doesn’t really make any sense. That is why we, at Georgetown Sign Company, work closely with you to understand the messages that you want your signs to get across, and what you are really trying to say. A popular and affordable way to do that is with exterior hanging signs.

Material Choices That We Offer

Hanging signs can be designed to have an antique appearance or a bold contemporary look. We provide multiple hardware options to satisfy pretty much any mounting method. For example, cast iron scroll brackets offer a classic look. One that is extremely popular in historic downtown areas, while polished stainless steel is very desirable in more modern settings. It isn’t just our hardware that varies in materials. We ensure each of our outdoor hanging signs is made with only the sleekest and most durable materials on the market. Popular options include:

  • Dura-wood
  • Aluminum
  • Dibond
  • Redwood
  • PVC
  • Alumalite 
  • High-Density-Urethane often referred to as HDU.
  • Vinyl
  • ARMOUR-Wood
  • Coroplast 
Hanging Signs For Business in Austin, TX - Georgetown Sign Company

Uses of Outdoor Hanging Signs for Your Austin Business

A lot of companies also use hanging banners to promote special events and sales that they have coming up. However, if the quality of the sign is poor, it can come off as cheap and have almost a counterproductive effect. Business owners understand that the signs they purchase have a job to do, they communicate to customers both established and new, what the business has going on, and what kind of quality work or products it can provide them. By hiring Georgetown Sign Company in Austin, TX, you are ensured that your custom hanging signs will communicate positive messages that you want your customers to see, and signs that will not also support the growth of your business’s excellent reputation.

At Georgetown Sign Company, we are proud of our established design team. They come to the table with years of experience and knowledge. They also know what materials and features work best for specific industries and locations. If you are considering investing in outdoor hanging signs for your business but are unsure of what you should be looking for, or how to go about having one made, contact us today.

Feel free to browse our online portfolio to see some of our previous projects. This will not only demonstrate the quality of our work but will hopefully also give you a few ideas for your own custom hanging business signs. If you would like to find out more about what all we offer, the design process or installation, please do not hesitate, and give us a call.

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