How Do Lobby Signs Bring in Profit?

Custom Lobby Signs

It’s not rocket science that one of the first things a customer sees when they walk into your place of business is your lobby sign. Before an employee comes in contact with this person, they have already made their first impression based on your office lobby sign. Whether they stay in to explore more of your store or leave immediately is heavily dependent on your lobby signs.

To convey the right message, you need to ensure that the sign is synonymous with your company branding, says the right thing, and gets the customer feeling welcomed and warm. If they’re not comfortable, they walk away immediately. You can even use custom lobby signs to announce a holiday deal or a clearance sale. In general, it’s safe to say that office lobby signs are an incredible investment – but how do they attract profit?

Lobby Signs Make Your Customers Feel Welcome

As mentioned earlier, the more comfortable your customers are, the more likely they are to spend in your store. You can use strategically designed custom lobby signs to drive them right in. It can be as simple as your company’s logo displayed sophistically behind the reception desk. As soon as they enter, they’ll know that they’re at the right place and will relax almost immediately.

Create the Right Atmosphere with Lobby Signs

Lobby signs are pretty versatile when it comes to creating a particular environment in your workplace. You can use them to create holiday festivities or even use them as a part of your holiday decor. LED lobby signs are a great way to do this and add that “oomph” to your office or store. Once the customers get into holiday mode, they tend to shop easier. There’s an instant profit booster.

Direct Them to Your Clearance Stock

For this purpose, you can use any indoor sign, and it doesn’t have to be your lobby sign specifically. But if there is a particular area of your store dedicated to displaying clearance stock – use your indoor signage to direct customers to that area. It doesn’t have to be clearance stock; it can even be special holiday items or discounted deals.

Display Your Awards

Utilize lobby signs to display the awards that your company’s received over the years. They can either be awards or can be the significant clients or partnerships that you’ve had over the last few years. These things are instant trust builders and drive crazy profits.

Not sure how to leverage your lobby signs in Georgetown, TX? Contact us, and we have you sorted!

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