How Fleet Wraps Amplify Brand Presence & Get More Attention

Custom Made Truck Wraps For Advertising in Austin, TX - Georgetown Sign Company

One truck wrap is effective, so why have a whole fleet’s worth of commercial vinyl wraps? Together, multiple wraps can make more of an impact, allow you to advertise more specific products or services you offer, and spread your message further. Custom fleet wraps can help you take your message from Georgetown, TX, to across the state, country, or even the world, if that is where you want to go. 

Make More Impressions

The more someone hears about your brand, the more likely they are to remember it and understand the brand values it stands for. Many types of advertising seek to maximize the number of impressions you make. Fleet wraps are a great way to do that. Depending on where your vehicle drives, it could make hundreds or thousands of impressions per day. Now, multiply that by the number of vehicles in your fleet, and you can see the power of a whole fleet’s worth of wraps. You will be making a stronger impression on more people, which will spread brand awareness.

In particular, when your business is breaking new ground and expanding into new areas, you need a plan to develop your brand presence. To get customers in your new location, people have to know that your brand exists, what it does, and why they should choose you. Once you’re driving in the new area, your fleet wraps will automatically begin to develop this brand presence, with no extra work on your part.  

Personalize or Focus

Brand consistency across your vehicle wraps is essential, and each should have elements of your branding, including your brand name and color. However, they don’t all have to be precisely the same. Instead, each wrap is an opportunity to focus on something unique to your brand. Sometimes, you’ll want to highlight a member of your team or a specific service or product you offer. An ice cream company might highlight a new flavor on each vehicle. A sales team might highlight a particular team member on that person’s truck.

Choose Georgetown Sign Company for Your Fleet

Your commercial vinyl wraps will represent your brand wherever they go. To put your best foot forward, you need top-quality signs that will put your best foot forward. If you’re in or near Georgetown, TX, and you’re interested in custom fleet wraps, contact us with your questions today

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