How LED Channel Letters Boost Your Brand’s Visibility

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It seems like everywhere you go in Georgetown, you see channel letter signs. This sign type’s frequency is especially noticeable at night when they are all lit up against the dark back-drop. Why have so many businesses invested in LED channel letters? It is because they work. Here is how a new custom channel letter sign can help your brand stand out.

Why Just the Letters?

Channel letter signs are very different from the older building signs like cabinet signs that were a whole rectangle with a brand name printed on it, all lit from behind. With a channel letter sign, each character is shaped individually and is almost its own sign. There is nothing between the letters. That means they stand out more, especially at night. It is all about contrast, and the difference between the dark building front and the lit letter means these signs are easier to read from further away.

Lit Signs are Visible Longer

Of course, any lit sign is the right choice if you want your sign to be visible at night. Even if you’re not open at night, people still drive and walk by your store. If your sign is illegible, you’re giving up on good opportunities to make more impressions and remind people of your brand.

You should also know that there are different options for lighting your channel letter sign that can help to stand out. Front-lit signs are the usual choice. In this sign, the light shines directly out of the front. Backlit signs are lit so that the light shines backward. This design creates a unique halo-like effect. We can also create a specialty combination lighting system for your channel letters.

Match Your Branding Exactly

Custom channel letters aren’t made in just generic fonts. A talented sign designer can create channel letters in your exact brand font, even if it is a font that you had designed specifically for you. Along with your font, we can also match your colors and add exciting elements to the sign, like your logo or motto. A building sign needs to match your branding precisely to send a consistent message that will appeal to your customers.

Start Boosting Your Brand with a Sign from Georgetown Sign Company

Custom channel letters are a long-term investment, so they need to be quality. Work with us at Georgetown Sign Company, and you won’t be disappointed. If you’re in or near Georgetown, TX, reach out to us today.

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