How To Build The Perfect Awning Signs For Your Business

Perfect Awning Signs For Your Business in Austin, TX - Georgetown Sign Company

An awning overhangs from the front fascia of your business’s entrance. It can ‘extend’ your business premises psychologically. With such obvious and prominent real estate, it’s no wonder business owners opt for awning signs for their business.

What is the difference between an awning and a canopy? A canopy is an extended awning with supporting columns.

If you are considering getting custom awning signs for your business, there are several aspects of their design you need to consider. After all, an awning must face inclement weather, be sturdy and look flawless day in and day out. After all, there’s nothing shabbier than a torn or bent awning!

Designing the right awning signs for your business is made a lot easier with the expert team at Georgetown Sign Company. We are a one-stop-shop, offering design, build and installation of awnings. But to get the custom awning signs right for your business, you need to consider:

  • Construction of the awning
  • Typography and design
  • Shelter and shade
  • Permission from municipal bodies

Construction of the awning

The first thing you need to consider is if the awning will be retractable or fixed. A fixed awning may offer greater visual impact, but it is more susceptible to inclement weather. If you are concerned about strong winds, hail or rain, consider retractable awnings. Since Georgetown doesn’t see any snow, fixed awnings aren’t at risk of collapsing under weight. Other factors you need to consider in your awning construction are:

Awning material – Vinyl and polyester, cotton blend, canvas and acrylic are common options

Frame material – Steel and aluminum are the most common outdoor awning sign frame materials, but you can choose to customize the façade with finishes such as wood effect

Typography and design

Add too many small intricate elements to your design and they will look like a blob from a distance. Make sure your custom awning signs are sufficiently legible from far away, while being engaging up close. Even the typography you use will affect the sign’s legibility. Don’t let Hollywood’s idea of extremely stylized writing on outdoor awning signs in films fool you; passers-by will struggle to make out a swoopy font.

Shelter and shade

When business owners make uninformed awning decisions, they find out the hard way the effect the awning has on natural light entering their space. An awning will reduce the sunlight that enters your store – great during hot summers. However, if you want your premises bathed in natural light, assess what impact getting an awning will have. Also be aware that awnings provide shelter to passers-by in rain and hail.

Permission from municipal bodies

An awning overhangs public space. As such, you will most likely have to take permission from the city before you install custom awning signs. If your premises is located on a private retail park, you will have to speak to the property manager about the awning. Permission may come with caveats about size and design. Authorities will also require the awning to be installed professionally. Choosing an experienced awning signs builder in Georgetown goes a long way to easing officials’ concerns about safety.

Before you opt for neon colors, make sure the city or the property manager doesn’t have any restrictions.

Best Awning Signs for Your Businesses in Georgetown

Georgetown Sign Company has installed hundreds of outdoor awning signs for businesses around the city. We are the go-to for business owners because of our reliable service and thorough quality checks. Whether you need a new or replacement awning sign for your business, speak to a representative and get a quote.

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