How to Choose the Best Channel Letters

Custom Channel Letters

Channel letters are a proven way to stand out. They light up for great visibility and look powerful. A business with custom channel letters at its storefront is a business headed toward success. But how do you know which type of channel letters are best for your business?

At Georgetown Sign Company, we have the experience and the know-how when it comes to developing and implementing signage systems in a business. They need to capture attention and be built to last. We have served many businesses in Georgetown, Texas, and we would be proud to serve you.

Different Types of Channel Letters

To figure out what channel letters would be best for your business, consider whether they are for an indoor or outdoor setting and look at the four different types:

●       Front Lit

These are the most common type of channel letters. They light up from the front which allows for great visibility (especially at night). The letters are lit up with LED lights via a raceway or a wireway. Raceways are mounted sideways and usually painted to blend in with the building so your letters look like they are floating a few inches from the building. Wireways are slimmer and visible: they provide a backdrop for your letters. Refer to the picture below for an example of a wireway.

●       Reverse/ Halo Lit

This is where the lighting hits the letters from behind, creating a halo effect. It is a good option if you already have great lighting for your storefront from the street or if the letters are inside. The effect the lighting creates is warm and comforting and works excellently at inviting customers into your shop.

●       Open Face

These channel letters have neon lights installed into the actual letters so the light beams out from within the open face of your sign. This creates a unique look that increases the attention on the letters.

●       Front and Back Lit

You don’t have to settle for your letters being lit up from one direction: you can have both. The beauty is that if the lighting goes out on one side, they will still be visible because they have light hitting them from another angle.

It does not matter how well-built your illuminated channel letter sign is if you do not strategically place it for optimal visibility. Choosing the right location for your channel letters is key if you want to be successful.

Drive by your business and picture where you think your sign will have the best visibility. Get advice from your business partners or employees about what they think will work best. And most importantly, choose to work with an experienced channel letter sign manufacturer with years of experience.

Georgetown Sign Company: Texas’s Top Choice for Channel Letters

If you are considering custom channel letters for your business, look no further. Georgetown Sign Company has got you covered. Located in Georgetown, Texas, we are a proud company that takes care of our customers. We know if we don’t, someone else will. Call us at 512-686-4280 or contact us on our website for all the information you need.

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