How to Choose the Perfect Set of Trade Show Displays

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Trade shows are excellent opportunities for business owners to meet potential clients face-to-face, reach out to existing customers, generate qualified leads, or close a sale. Trade shows may be on hold for a little while longer, but it’s still important to have the proper physical marketing assets ready for when it’s safe to have an in-person show again. Now is a great time to invest in some new trade show banners and displays. This way, you’ll have one less item to worry about when it comes time to go to your first trade show after quarantine.

Tips for Choosing the Ideal Set

It’s easy to get caught in planning the display modules and trade show banner design or which promotional items to bring. These are details you can actually leave to the trade show experts. The more important thing to consider first of all is your goal. What do you intend to achieve?

As soon as you have the end clearly in mind, the means become clear as well. This becomes your basis for choosing the color theme and the elements of your booth. Below are factors to consider in choosing the right set for your next trade show display.

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Your Brand’s Personality

Consistency is the key to establishing your presence and brand identity in the community. By consistently using your company’s color palette, font style, logo, and tagline throughout your marketing campaign, your brand will soon become a household name. Keep this in mind when you choose your modular display and trade show banner design.

Your Target Audience

Take the time to study the personality and interests of your target market. What appeals to chefs may not necessarily catch the attention of realtors. Understanding your audience helps you formulate the perfect content for your trade show banners, digital displays, or even promotional items.

Your Objectives.

Besides drawing in the right crowd to your booth, what would like them to do? It’s good to hand out brochures and useful items with your company name or logo on them, but it’s best to personally meet them and introduce your products or services. For this you need a place to sit down and answer their questions. Exhibits present a unique opportunity for potential clients to actually see, touch or smell your merchandise. Grab this chance to have them experience first-hand the benefits of doing business with you.

Consider a Mix of Mediums

Remember there are different types of people in a trade show. Some are attracted by visual presentations, some prefer to listen to you talk, some are in a hurry and would be content to grab a brochure. Make sure your display contains elements that appeal to all kinds of personalities and carry your contact information. Digital displays that show vivid moving pictures mounted overhead are better at capturing attention than posters with still photos and texts.

Finally, if you wish to use your display modules at another event, make sure you opt for portable and durable materials that can easily be updated. A high quality retractable trade show banner stand, for instance, will definitely come in handy in your next trade shows.

Trade Show Experts in Texas

Georgetown is one of the many places in the U.S. that hosts the most exciting trade shows every year. If you are looking to hit the road any time soon, contact no less than the experts in trade show displays at Georgetown Sign Company. From lightweight modular displays, digital screens, fade-resistant banners to lifetime trade show banner stand, they have it all for you.

Call Georgetown Sign Company now to speak with a trade show specialist and get a free consultation.

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