How To Design The Perfect Exterior Signs

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In order to attract more customers to your business, people need to easily be able to find out more about who you are, where your business is located and what you offer. If your business isn’t using exterior building signs effectively, you’re most likely missing out on potential sales by not having the right tools to drive people to your location. Unique exterior signs that make people take notice, such as illuminated signs that are hard to ignore, could be the key element needed when it comes to turning passersby into paying customers.

Since effective exterior building signs can attract up to 50% of your customers, the consequences of having unprofessional or ineffective exterior signs can run deep. However, when the right commercial building signs become a part of your marketing strategy, you’ll experience greater visibility, stronger brand awareness and a better reputation too.

Are Your Current Exterior Building Signs Working For Your Business?

If you’re thinking about upgrading or investing in exterior signs, start by doing a quick audit of your current outdoor signage or make a list of what you’d like your ideal signage to include. Use the four tips we’ve shared below to help create the perfect exterior building signs for your business.

1. Avoid a Crowded Message

There may be a lot you want to say to your audience, but crowded commercial building signs are hard to read and only serve to alienate customers. Instead of trying to read them, many people skip them altogether and take away no information at all.

2. Ensure Your Signs Are in The Right Place

Even a well-designed sign won’t do your business any good if it’s placed where no one can see it. Effective exterior signs need to be visible from the road, as well as from multiple directions. Even illuminated channel letters won’t do much if they aren’t installed high enough to be seen.

3. Be Sure Your Signs are Readable

The font type and colors you choose will have a direct impact on the effectiveness of your sign. Specifically, the font size has to be large enough for people to read from a distance and ideally the sign should be visible at night.

4. Choose a Sign That Reflects Your Brand

With so many different types of exterior signs available, be sure to choose one that reflects your brand and the industry you’re in. Restaurants may benefit from a unique wood or metal sign, while a medical office may benefit most from the clean look of channel letters or a monument sign. Working with an experienced sign company, like Georgetown Sign Company, is the best way to ensure you get the perfect sign to represent your business.

Georgetown Sign Company Can Get Your Business Noticed

If you know it’s time to invest in high quality exterior business signs, contact Georgetown Sign Company in Austin, Texas. At Georgetown Sign Company, we’ll provide your company with outstanding sign solutions that showcase all your business has to offer and that get you the exposure you want. For exterior signage that can’t be ignored, call us today at (512)-686-4280 to request a free quote.

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