How to Keep Your Banner Sign Looking Good

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Every entrepreneur understands the struggle of stretching the company’s marketing budget. Building signs must be made from extremely durable materials for them to last several years with little to no touch-ups. While various signs have different expected life spans, there are also ways in which you can prolong their usability.

Banners signs are fabricated from high-quality, flexible, lightweight vinyl that’s highly resistant to various weather elements. These are excellent visual communication tools for short-term events such as store openings, three-day sales, book fairs, and charity concerts. Because of that, it’s common for people to throw them away or replace them.

Maintaining Custom Banners for Businesses

  • Proper storage: Avoid creases by rolling your banners and securing them with tape or plastic tubes. Store them in cool and dry places when possible. Make sure that they are not getting pinned down by heavy objects that could damage your signs.
  • Avoid harsh sunlight and rain: The sunlight and water are the primary culprits of faded vinyl banners in Austin. Although vinyl signs and banners can be used either indoors or outdoors, these can last longer when not exposed to different weather elements. Put them up in areas where there is a shade or covering. If they still get wet, dry them as quickly as possible. You can also hang them up inside the establishment against the window while faced outside to get the attention of passersby.
  • Use cut vinyl lettering and graphics: Let’s say you want to update specific details of your signage, such as the contact information and product prices. You don’t necessarily need to purchase brand new vinyl banners in Austin. Georgetown Sign Company offers cut vinyl services for minor alterations on your signs.
  • Remove dirt right away: The moment you notice that there’s a liquid spillage, mud splashes, or other factors that can create a stain on your trade show banners, wipe or clean them right away. This prevents permanent stains which are tough to remove.
  • Work with a reputable sign company: Select a signage partner that will not short-change you when it comes to the quality and longevity of your signs. They must also be highly skilled in securing your banners in place to avoid further damage.

Your Trusted Source of Banner Signs in Austin

Georgetown Sign Company is your best option for high-quality commercial signs. Over the years, we have helped countless businesses achieve their business goals through visual communication solutions that produce quantifiable results.

We take pride in having a team of experts that go out of their way to provide customized designs and marketing strategies, unlike other Austin banner printing companies that only offer manufacturing services. We only use top-of-the-line materials and tools to produce full-color, high-resolution, and long-lasting banners.

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