How to Make Your Business Shine Using Channel Letters Signage

Channel letters

Nearly everyone has gone past a business that has its company name spelled out in vibrant, popping letters. Referred to as Channel Letters Signage, this design style provides depth to your sign and attracts those passing your business.

Most of the time, these letters are illuminated so they can stand out at night. The location of the lighting and the type of face you choose for the channel letter determines how the sign looks when completed.

Before you start to plan your channel letter, it is important to learn about the zoning requirements for your location. You should also check with the landlord. There might be limitations on size, style, and color. Knowing this information from the start reduces the chance you’ll have to scrap a design and start all over.

Color and Font of Channel Letters Signage:

You must determine the font and colors you want for the channel letters. These should match your company’s branding, so that might simplify this part of the process for you. If you haven’t thought about your business’ branding yet, it’s a good idea to do this while you’re thinking about these letters because most companies try to use channel letters for many years before replacing them.

When you consider the color of the letters, you need to think about the base color and the light color. You may need a mix of colors and fonts to match your company’s marketing materials. Ultimately, the channel letter sign should make it easy for customers to recognize your brand anywhere.

Height of Channel Letters

The height of channel letters determines how much of an impact it has from certain distances. Larger letters can be seen from farther away but might be more difficult to read closer up.

Typically, you can expect a 10-inch channel letter to have the best impact at around 100 feet away and a maximum readable distance of about 450 feet away. Channel letters that are 24 inches tall have the most impact at 240 feet and are readable up to 1,000 feet away.

Indoor and Outdoor Usage for Channel Letters Signage:

While channel letters are predominately used outdoors, you can use them indoors. The indoor letters can be used to identify rooms in the building. They should be a smaller version of the exterior channel letter to producing the maximum brand consistency for your company. You don’t have to use lighted indoor lights just because you have illuminated channel letter signs outdoors, but it might look nice with lights for some companies or buildings.

Contact a Channel Letter Sign Manufacturer

Channel letters are an effective way to make your business stand out amongst the crowd. The team at Georgetown Sign Company understands you want a healthy return on investment for your budget. Contact us to discuss your company’s needs today.

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