Importance Of ADA Signs For Business Owners

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The obligation to have ADA signs that are compliant with the required regulations is the responsibility of the business owner. Not only is it the law, but proper interior signs also help to create a safe and welcoming environment that is accessible to everyone. As a business owner in Austin, you should be aware that buildings and organisations are required to have ADA signs as part of the Americans With Disabilities Act, established in 1990. In order to meet ADA requirements, braille signs, and signs using graphics or larger fonts need to be installed in order to effectively communicate with those who may be legally blind or visually impaired.

What does it take for a business to make sure they have the right ADA signs? It’s actually rather simple when you follow the specific guidelines outlined by the American Disabilities Act. To start, know that businesses are legally required to make sure that all permanent rooms and spaces have ADA compliant signs. More specifically, if a room is not likely to change, you are required to have an ADA sign identifying it. However, even if an ADA sign is not technically required, it’s still considered good business practice to make all spaces in your business accessible.

ADA Signs That Work For Everyone

Even though ADA signs are considered regulatory, business owners can still invest in custom ADA signs that improve the overall customer experience, as well as their interior aesthetic appeal. Professional and well thought out ADA signs can benefit your business in many ways. As such, before you assume you’re simply adding signage needed to operate your business, take some time to learn more about what effective and strategic custom ADA signs can accomplish.

1. Make the right first impression.

From parking signs to restroom signs, compliant ADA signs will make all guests feel welcome when they can easily recognize and understand wayfinding, information or identification signs. Since wandering around your business is not a good experience for any guest, know that proper interior signs will help anyone unfamiliar with your building find their way. Being easily able to locate exits, restrooms, and meeting rooms will elevate your visitor’s experience.

2. Increase brand awareness.

Signs that meet ADA requirements don’t have to be unappealing. You can incorporate colors and themes into your custom ADA signs that will bring your brand into all areas of your facility. Interior signs have the ability to powerfully reinforce your brand while still ensuring they support and welcome all everyone.

3. Demonstrate business values.

Visitors with disabilities won’t be able to interact with your business if your building is not ADA compliant. Not only do ADA signs make it easier to navigate a space, they also make it much safer as well. Knowing that your company values the safety of all your guests and employees will help your business build a positive reputation.

Equip Your Business With Custom ADA Signs

Let Georgetown Sign Company help you create custom ADA signs that will improve your business. We’ll make sure your signs effectively represent your brand while supporting all your customers and your business goals. As a business owner, you need to ensure you’re taking the proper steps to meet all regulatory requirements, and Georgetown Sign Company can help you create a signage strategy to do just that. Call us today at (512) 686-4280 to discuss your needs or contact us to request a quote.

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