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Getting attention is easy when you use custom LED signs. These flexible signs can be used inside and outside, day or night, to spread brand awareness, capture a customer’s imagination, and help guide them through your building. Essentially any building, from an office to a retail store, can make great use of these signs without adding too much in utility costs. Learn more about these customizable signs from the experts at the Georgetown Sign Company.

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The Advantage of LED Sign Lighting

Why is LED lightning preferred over neon and other lighting types? LED has better quality light, but that’s not even the main advantage. The main advantage is that LED uses roughly 80% less energy than neon. You can run these signs constantly without worrying that you are spending too much on energy, even when the signs are huge. LEDs are better for the environment and better for your business.

Where You Can Use LED Signs

LED sign lighting can be a part of many different sign types. It’s flexible and has many uses, including:

  • Storefront signs: Lighting helps storefront signs make the biggest impact and reach the most people.
  • Outdoor building signs: “Open” signs and other window signs work better with LEDs. You can get creative with the messages on these signs.
  • Monument signs: A lit monument sign makes a bigger impact, especially at night. Lighting can allow the sign to be read at night. A fully digital monument sign is even more convenient, as you can change it quickly, as frequently as you like.
  • Wayfinding signs: For safety purposes, it is wise to have some wayfinding signs lit, especially “exit” signs. Drawing attention to certain areas with a lit wayfinding sign is a good idea too.
  • Lobby signs: Few signs are more impactful than lit lobby signs.

Who Should Choose LED Lighting?

Custom LED displays & signs can be used by almost any kind of business. If you have a storefront, then a LED storefront sign just makes sense. Office buildings can use LED lighting for branding too. Schools, churches, and government buildings can all use LED signs to connect with their community. And even mobile businesses like food trucks can benefit from LED signs to catch attention.

Work with the Georgetown Sign Company

Are you looking for quality, well-designed, and well-made lobby signs? You have found the right company. We offer custom LED signs in Georgetown, Austin, and the surrounding areas.

LED Signs: A Bright Choice

If you want to make your business more recognizable and attractive, LED signs are the perfect solution. Whether inside or your outside store, custom LED signs from Georgetown Sign Company will help your business stand out, drawing in attention and customers.

Why Choose Custom LED Signs

Custom LED neon signs are one of the most popular forms of outdoor lighted signs, and for good reasons. The first is that LED neon signs require only 20% of the energy that classic neon signs require, making them more energy- and cost-efficient. The second reason is their superior light quality.

Therefore, LED signs are not only of better quality compared to regular neon signs, but they can also save you money on your energy bill.

Unbeatable Versatility

Another significant advantage of LED signs is their versatility. From lighting up storefronts and windows of little shops that can attract new customers to indoor wayfinding or lobby signs that can help visitors navigate through office buildings, LED signs can fulfill a variety of functions:

  • Storefront signs
  • Outdoor building signs
  • Monument signs
  • Wayfinding signs
  • Lobby signs

Outdoor LED board signs above your business’s entrance or on your lot facing the oncoming traffic can attract eyes from afar even at night, as well as direct existing and potential customers towards your business. Other popular LED boards include exit signs, “open” signs, or indoor promotional signs, from your sales promotion to new product launches.

Whether indoors or outdoors, day or night: the unbeatable versatility of LED signs provides a bright and noticeable option for any area.

Contact Georgetown Sign Company For Custom LED Signs

If you are looking to light up your business in the Georgetown, TX or Austin, TX area with brand-new, custom LED signage, Georgetown Sign Company is the right address for you. Contact us today for more information on our custom LED signage services in Georgetown, TX and Austin, TX.

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