Make the Right First Impression on Your Customers with Lobby Signs

office lobby Sign

Your lobby makes the first impression of your business. If you run a hotel, you know customers expect a smart and comfortable lobby; if you offer legal or medical services, you know your clients will gauge your office based on your lobby.

The simple fact is that no two businesses are the same, which is why no two lobbies can be the same. What does remain constant is that your business needs to make the right impression as soon as visitors walk in. Forget top-of-mind recall, you must make sure you don’t create a jarring impression.

That’s where lobby signs come in. A lobby sign does three things, it:

  • sets the tone and ambiance of the office
  • brands your office and acts as a location marker
  • establishes that your office meets the expectations of the visitor

Here are some tips for getting your signage done right.

Branding but not overdoing it with lobby signs

An office lobby sign needs to introduce your business. Be careful not to overwhelm your visitors with overly fussy design and lighting. A lot of businesses are opting for digital lobby signage too, as it lets them alter their aesthetic; it’s an excellent A/B testing method too.

Set a professional tone

Every visitor has certain expectations when he or she visits a business. A doctor or lawyer’s office is expected to be professionally appointed; a creatives company needs to be edgy; a sign company like ours needs to proudly display its past projects. Design lobby signs that work hand in hand with your office’s aesthetic. Use a variety of materials and lighting options to create a homogeneous look.

Start selling early?

Is the lobby the best place to try and convert a prospect into a sale? For some it is. At businesses where customers expect to face aggressive sales techniques, such as dealerships, using digital lobby signage to promote offers is acceptable. Wall tickers and auto-scrolling promotions are effective sales techniques.

Tips for designing your lobby sign

Lobby signs must work cohesively with your lobby’s aesthetic. Here are a few things you should watch out for.

Material – Make sure the material you choose for your lobby signs matches your décor. Acrylic and neon signs will look good in a modern setting, while metal signs are best for traditional spaces.

Lighting – Lighting is a great way to enhance a sign’s visibility but be mindful that it must work in tandem with your existing lighting setup. Too dim and your sign will look awkward; too bright and you will make visitors uncomfortable.

Size –A common mistake many business owners make is choosing lobby signs that are too small or too large. Measure your walls and carefully visualize how your office lobby signs will look before you place your order.

Best lobby signs in Georgetown

Businesses across the city trust Georgetown Sign Company for their lobby signs. We are reputed for building high-quality signs at reasonable prices. Whether you are looking for a traditional sign for your firm, a contemporary acrylic sign or moving display for your lobby, we have one built and installed at your office in no time. Give us a call to receive a quote.

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