The 6 Signs of a Good Wayfinding Sign Company

Custom Made Interior Wayfinding Signs For Restrooms in Austin, TX - Georgetown Sign Company

When your business uses custom wayfinding signs effectively, very few of your visitors will even notice them. Wayfinding signage systems that create more questions than answers and cause visitors to get lost are the ones that do get noticed. A reputable and experienced signage company knows how to expertly guide your business to create wayfinding signage and directional signage that achieves, and in some cases, exceeds your goals.

Here are six signs that a sign company has the experience and industry knowledge to work with your business to create successful custom wayfinding signs.

1. Conducts Thorough Consultation Services

A good wayfinding sign company will hold an in-depth initial consultation with you to get a clear idea of your project’s goals. You should discuss why you want the signs, why they are important to you, and what you hope to achieve with them. While the goals of wayfinding signage and directional signage are pretty obvious, businesses can also use them to boost brand awareness, so you should discuss this at your meeting.

2. Offers Recommendations Based on Industry Knowledge

At your initial consultation, a good wayfinding sign company will discuss and recommend the following design elements:

  • Suitable colors
  • Fonts
  • Recognizable language
  • Consistent language

The use of icons that are universally recognized is also essential so visitors from all parts of the world can recognize and understand their meaning.

3. Creates A Custom Design That Nails Your Vision

A good wayfinding sign company will accurately interpret your vision to create a custom design that delivers the results to your complete satisfaction. In some cases, a digital version or physical prototype will be available for approval before they create the final wayfinding signs.

4. Delivers Expert Wayfinding Signage

Once the design is approved, a good sign company will use state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality materials to create your custom wayfinding signs.

5. Provides Professional Installation

A sign of a good wayfinding sign company is one that provides professional installation services. Installers should practice safety procedures that protect employees, visitors, the signs, and the surfaces to which they are attaching the signs.

6. Maintenance and Repairs

When maintenance or repairs are required—due to vandalism or other causes—a good sign company will have skilled staff available to do repairs. If replacement signs are needed, a good sign company will present options and reasonably discuss mutually satisfactory solutions.

Visitors who have an enjoyable, stress-free experience finding their way through your business space will be much more likely to return than those who waste time wandering around lost. Satisfied visitors may even share a positive review.

Georgetown Sign Company undertakes all of the above steps to ensure your signage project comes off without a hitch. Contact them today to schedule an appointment to discuss your wayfinding signage and directional signage project.

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