The Branding Aesthetic Of Commercial Building Signs

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Commercial building signs are essential components to your marketing strategy, and nurture awareness among customers and clients. Considering any other approach, you may implement to sell your brand, your exterior sign will serve as the most prominent image associated with your products or services.

There are many forms of exterior commercial building signs that express your brand clearly, while offering a sense of distinction among competitors or storefronts within your vicinity. Georgetown Sign Company offers a multitude of commercial building signs that promote the extravagance or holistic nature your business offers, and each can be customized according to your corporate goals.

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Styles Of Exterior Building Signs

Channel Letter Signs – Channel letter signs or individual cut letters are one of the most frequently used commercial signs, and are placed near entrance points of buildings and storefronts. Their large letters and vibrant color options offer brand versatility, while permitting visibility from afar.

Channel letters signs are offered in illuminated and non-illuminated options and each letter functions as an individual structure for added prominence. Channel signs are custom fit to your brand, with long-lasting metal, acrylic, or plastic fabrication options. Each offers weather resistant durability to ensure the longevity of your commercial sign, with individualized features to suit your specific needs.

Blade Signs – Blade signs are double-sided fixtures attached to the exterior edge or side of a building or storefront and protrude outwards. These signs offer maximum visibility regardless of the direction nearby patrons may be traveling, and call attention to a brand if shuffled between many storefronts.

Like channel letter signs, blade signs are customizable, and offer a variety of color and illumination options to further enhance your brand or logo.  In addition to their practical function, blade signs have a modern aesthetic that refreshes any commercial building.

Awning Signs – Awnings add elegance to any business front and offer utility with your corporate sign. By including an awning to your storefront sign you welcome customers through ease-of-access during days of inclement weather.

Awning signs are offered in vinyl or fabric and include customizable permanent graphics. Awnings are fabricated in a wide variety of shapes and functions and are designed to complement your business’s brand.

  • Window Awnings: reduce raise through building windows, while increasing aesthetic appeal for nearby patrons
  • Entryway Awnings: concave decorative coverings enabling standing room outside of your storefront or business during days of unfavorable weather conditions
  • Pathway Awnings: create a covered travel path for clients and customers, and are designed for businesses with particularly long entrance ways


Before designing your commercial building sign, keep in mind local standards that may hinder your project and vision. At Georgetown Sign Company, we stay informed with local standards and practices, but always recommend keeping this in mind before requesting a product.

Commercial building signs lead your marketing aesthetic and make your business recognizable. With Georgetown Sign Company you can expect superior quality and design excellence when looking to customize your exterior sign. Contact our sign specialists today for a free quote.

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