Transform Your Space with Building Signs

corporate building signage

Part of attracting customers to your location is looking approachable. The way your building’s exterior looks can be a deciding factor in whether people want to enter your establishment or not. Building signs that are well-maintained, inviting, and appealing become an extension of your business, which helps to significantly impact people’s decision of whether to visit.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes: Would you trust a business if their exterior building signs were falling apart or looked unappealing? Probably not!

At Georgetown Sign Company, we understand the role signage plays in maintaining appearances, representing your business, and giving it a chance to grow and succeed. Let us share our knowledge and expertise on effective business building signs by explaining how they can attract customers and give your business a respectable reputation.

To discuss building signs for your business, contact us to speak to a signage specialist or keep reading.

Appearances Will Take You Far

Part of achieving success in any line of work is looking respectable and approachable. Most business owners or executives we talk to know the importance of maintaining their appearance. Corporate building signage, for example, must look the way you would for an important meeting: clean, sleek, and professional.

On the other hand, there are many industries where your signage needs to match your branding and stand apart from neighboring businesses. Restaurants, bars, retail stores, and music venues need creative and fun signs. For example, you can combine a big, bold storefront sign with window graphics to showcase your products and entice potential customers to learn more.

Above all, consider your overall professional image. Choose a cohesive design so all your building signs exude a uniform image that makes your business look confident and consistent.

Consider Using Illumination and Weather Resistant Materials

Some signage for your business is mandatory, such as wayfinding signs that guide people to your doors, informational signals that tell people where to park, and ADA signs that accommodate people with disabilities. These types of building signs can be made from corrosion-resistant materials that hold firm against all kinds of weather conditions. Choosing a material doesn’t have to be exclusively for durability; there are material options that give your exterior a unique aesthetic too.

Illuminated signage is also crucial to the visibility of your business, especially if it is open late.  Lighted storefront signs, such as channel letters or  LED signs, are perfect for attracting potential customers at all hours of the day. With these signs, you don’t have to worry about losing business because people cannot see you.

Every time someone passes, your sign provides the perfect chance to make a valuable impression; however, if your impression doesn’t stand out, customers are likely to keep walking or driving by without giving your business a second thought.

Learn More with Georgetown Sign Company

We have only scratched the surface of how critical building signs are for a brick-and-mortar business. Our team at Georgetown Sign Company is full of useful advice and local expertise that could prove useful for your business’s marketing strategy.

If you are ready to learn more or want to discuss design ideas, call us to book a consultation today.

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