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Major world-wide known manufacturers of vinyl wraps have more than doubled their color options within the last two years alone, giving businesses a variety of choices when they decide to brand their company vehicle. Many existing and startup businesses are including truck wraps into their overall marketing plans and branding efforts.

Truck Wraps in Austin That CanNot Go Unnoticed 

We understand the impact that vehicle wraps can have on a business’s advertising budget and the potential return that they can bring in. That is why we pride ourselves on helping our clients create budget-friendly moving billboards with our custom truck wraps and decals solutions. Our high-resolution and high-quality truck and fleet wraps deliver outstanding marketing exposure. We can quickly turn your truck or vehicle into a billboard that will carry your business message and contact information wherever it goes, potentially reaching thousands of customers daily. And the best part? We can do this for a fraction of the cost of a static billboard.

Commercial truck wraps are quickly becoming an efficient and reasonable alternative to the traditional advertising methods that businesses have used for decades. They are an affordable solution for businesses of all sizes, that do not want to overspend and go over budget on media exposure. With striking designs, fleet wraps are an advertising investment that keeps paying for itself.

Custom Vehicle Wraps in Austin, TX - Georgetown Sign Company

Get That Extra Exposure For Your Business With Vinyl Truck Wraps

When it comes to company and brand exposure, the use of the truck wrap advertising is probably the most effective way to market your business services and products by showcasing your name, website, promotions, and logo. The advantages of vehicle wraps far outweigh the traditional advertising methods like TV, print newspapers, and radio. Truck and trailer wraps are affordable, colorful and digitally printed graphics that double as a protective laminate that can be used to protect your vehicle when done right.

While some advertising methods will only last for a temporary time period, those who have invested in custom truck wraps have been able to benefit from them for years. Generally, you can expect your truck graphics to last for a minimum of 5 years, which is quite a long time considering the number of leads, connections, and sales that can be made during that time span.

If you would like to learn more about our vehicle wraps, please feel free to give us a call. Our team of experts would love to talk to you about what we can do for you and your businesses advertising through a custom truck and trailer wrap in Austin, Texas. Contact us today to receive a free estimate.

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Wrapping your company’s truck will bring a range of benefits to your business. Most notably, you’ll be transforming your vehicle into a moving billboard that showcases your brand message no matter where you drive or park. Consider how many people your wraps will connect with each day, whether you traverse locally in Austin, TX or beyond.

Generally, you can expect your truck wrap to last for around five years, depending on maintenance, sun exposure, and heat exposure. Give us a call at Georgetown Sign Company to discuss your project with our signage specialists. We’ll offer our best recommendations on how to make your truck wrap last.

Truck wraps are an affordable investment for many businesses. Unlike other types of advertising that can be static and require renewal payments, you only pay once for truck wraps that carry your brand message wherever you travel. The wraps also offer the additional benefit of being a protective layer for your vehicle’s paint. Contact us to request a quote.

When you choose to work with us at Georgetown Sign Company, you can rely on our team of signage specialists to guide you. From design and creation to professional installation, we have your best interests in mind. You are welcome to reach out to us to discuss materials for your signage project and request a quote.

When we wrap vehicles at Georgetown Sign Company, we consider the unique contours of each car and truck. This allows us to ensure that each customer’s design aligns with the shape of their vehicle for maximum impact. The wraps and graphics that stand out on the road are the ones that have this attention to detail and design, along with seamless, professional installation.