Vehicle Wraps Make Your Marketing Mobile

Custom Vehicle Wraps For Business in Austin, TX - Georgetown Sign Company

A lot of businesses in Georgetown have gone digital with their marketing strategies. However, stepping out of the digital world may have more benefits. This is where vehicle wraps step in. While online ads rely on a person’s interest, vehicle graphics can attract the attention of a wider range of people.

What is Vehicle Wrapping?

Car wraps temporarily change your vehicle’s appearance. Our sign experts at Georgetown Sign Company digitally print your design in high-quality vinyl and apply it over your car. Business owners can opt to do a full wrap, covering the entire vehicle, or a partial wrap, depending on your needs.


High Potential for Marketing Success

  • Americans travel an average of more than 11 thousand miles each year, according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.
  • On average, vehicle graphics can generate around 101 impressions per mile.
  • A single vehicle vinyl wrap can create 30,000 – 80,000 impressions a day, based on OAAA stats.
  • Brand recognition is 15x higher with fleet vehicle advertising than other media.

Based on these figures, there’s evidence that you open up a wide range of opportunities for marketing when you use commercial vehicle wraps and take your business on the road.

Wide Audience Reach

Regardless of if you have a single vehicle or a fleet, wrap advertising lets you reach thousands of viewers a month. A vehicle vinyl wrap on your car can spark a person’s interest enough to be curious about your business. This can then lead to more inquiries that you can convert into successful leads.

Wrap advertising is especially effective if you want to tap into your local market. Driving around your community creates impressions enough to establish you as a household name that locals can trust.


Car wraps are considered to be one of the more cost-effective marketing tools. Your initial investment is a fraction of the cost of other advertising platforms and can generate profit for years.

As wraps are temporary, it’s easy to change depending on seasonal events and campaigns. This is a better deal compared to seasonally updating billboards! Consistently build a hype around your business with little cost. In time, you will be first-of-mind in your market.

Invest with the Best in Georgetown

Are you a big corporation looking for an innovative way to advertise? Or an SME wanting to get your brand noticed? Commercial vehicle wraps are effective in reaching your target market. With its wide reach for a fraction of the cost, wraps are definitely a good investment.

Georgetown Sign Company takes your investments seriously. We can help you create vibrant, high-quality custom designs that complement your business. For your vehicle wrap questions, contact us today and receive a free quote.

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