Wayfinding Signs: An Effective Signage Solution

The first thing that you must do in order to welcome shoppers or guests to your office, restaurant, hair salon or shop is to let them know where it is. Outdoor signs should be sized and situated for optimum visibility, and they must carry your branding. This allows anyone who passes by to know at a glance, your company’s identity, and the nature of your business. However, as necessary as digital, or monument signs are, or any other exterior sign is in letting people know how to get to your business, restaurant or site, they also represent just the tip of how custom signs can benefit your business.

How Custom Wayfinding Signs Can Help Your Business in Austin, TX:

  • Direct motorists to entrance ways and parking lots.
  • Point shoppers or clients to your primary entrance.
  • Distinguish different offices or retailers if your business is in a multi-tenant office plaza or shopping center.
  • Guide people to the different buildings if your business is situated on a multi-facility site in Austin, Texas.
  • Alert delivery drivers to the proper doors or loading docks.
  • Show visitors the way to sporting events, fairs, farmer’s markets, and more. They are crucial to seasonal or temporary applications.

Direction signs, directories, arrows, and other custom signage solutions from Georgetown Sign Company can:

  • Encourage Return Visits: The ease at which guests can find proper parking and access your facility is vital in reducing potential frustration. These features can also increase customer satisfaction and improve the likelihood that they will visit again.
  • Enhance Branding: By maintaining a consistent design theme throughout your wayfinding signs, you will strengthen your identity. Visitors will likely enjoy more than one “touch point” with your brand, thereby enhancing their experience with it. When this happens, it also reinforces their overall impression of their visit in a more positive way.
  • Improve Efficiency: Directional signs can speed guests to their destinations. This means that by having them, you can minimize the number of people who arrive late for appointments because they couldn’t find their way.
  • Increase Productivity: Well-located office wayfinding signs are the ideal way to direct visitors to their destination without having to interrupt your already busy staff for help. This then frees up employee time for more productive and profitable results.
Custom Wayfinding Signage in Austin, TX - Georgetown Sign Company

At Georgetown Sign Company, we can assess your site, identify where custom wayfinding signs could best be used, and recommend solutions in Austin, TX:

  • Create one-of-kind, wayfinding sign designs to support and enhance your branding.
  • Specify signs in wood, stone, metal or other materials that complement your site, and its architecture.
  • Mix-and-match different signs to create the ideal and most effective sign solutions for your business in Austin, TX.

At Georgetown Sign Company, we are dedicated to designing and installing your custom wayfinding signs with the perfect materials, style, and for your needs. If you have any questions regarding how we can help you with any of our products, give us a call today.

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Directional signs are any form of signs that give people directions. Whether it’s an arrow with a pictogram of a person running to indicate what direction the bathroom or written directions of where to find a specific product, directional signs create a positive customer experience.

The purpose of a directional sign is to help people find their way to their desired destination. Directional signs can also enhance a customer’s experience in your store because they will not get frustrated or have to ask for help. In other cases, they are necessary to direct people away from hazards or restricted areas.

Businesses most often use directional signage to guide their customers’ experiences within their office, building, or store. The best way of choosing where to use directional signage is to identify areas, resources, or products that are difficult to find or most important, and create a clear path of signage to find them.

Directional signs can be any color you want. You can include colors that coincide with your branding or interior design to improve your decor. We recommend keeping them simple and using a clear color contrast between the lettering or graphics and the sign’s background to enhance the visibility of your signage.

Directional arrows are signs that include an arrow that points people to where they should go. Sometimes, they also include words that tell onlookers where the arrow is pointing. These signs can be made from many different materials, installed almost anywhere, and customized to your preferences.

When people have no direction, a business can become a chaotic environment, especially if they are large and complex. People will need to ask where areas are, which reduces employee productivity, and in some cases, visitors can get hurt if they walk into the wrong room. Directional signage also helps to guide people to the exit in emergencies.


The overal cost depends on a variety of factors, such as size, material, customization, and installation requirements. Signage is often priced by square footage, but the design, fabrication, and installation processes will contribute towards the cost of directional signs. For a free quote, reach out to our team today!

Directional signs come in all shapes and sizes. To figure out the best size for your sign, the first step is to find out the regulatory compliance rules that apply to your building code. You should also consider what size of signage would best suit the space you’re planning on installing it.


Everyone uses wayfinding, whether they know their way around your facility or not. Every new customer who comes into your store, office, or establishment will rely heavily on your wayfinding signs to navigate the space without needing extra assistance. People with visual or cognitive impairments will also require ADA wayfinding signs to find their way around.