Why Consider Channel Letter Signs?

Storefront Channel Letter Signage For Cafe in Austin, TX - Georgetown Sign Company

Channel letter signs are among the most popular sign options in Georgetown, TX, and everywhere else. These signs have become so ubiquitous that many businesses order them without even seriously considering another sign type. You may not need to know why you should consider storefront channel letters, but it is a good idea to understand their benefits and why they are so successful. Here is why you should consider channel letter signs for your business’ next sign investment.

1. The Best Visibility

It is safe to say that channel letter signs have among the best visibility of all sign types. They can be very large and well-lit with a variety of LED options. The design of channel letters means that there is no background behind the letters except for your building. This makes for great contrast and makes the letters more visible from further away. The benefit for your business is that more people will read the sign.

2. Completely Customizable

Channel letter signs can be completely customized in every way so that you get the exact sign that will best reflect your business and work with your property. The letters can be molded into your brand’s font, and the color can be an exact match with your brand colors. You have several size options, from massive letters on the outside of skyscrapers to tiny letters that can be put inside of a small shop. Plus, there are three lighting options for these signs: front-lit, back-lit, and combination.

3. Durability, Even Outdoors

Channel letter signs can stand the test of time, lasting for several years even when placed outdoors in climates that are less than friendly. They last much longer than the old neon signs would have and are capable of resisting rust and fading from the sun for a long time. The specific lifespan of your sign depends on your local conditions. Of course, you can expect indoor channel letter signs to last even longer, potentially more than a decade.

Discuss Your Sign Options with the Georgetown Sign Company

We don’t believe that you should jump into designing a sign without really understanding your options. Reach out to the professionals at Georgetown Sign Company to discuss what kind of sign would best suit your needs. We offer many more signs than just channel letters and are committing to helping any business in Georgetown make the right decision for their specific needs.

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