Why Is It Important to Take Advantage of Led Signs For Business?

Custom Lobby Signage for Business

Digital displays are great branding tools to create a long-lasting presence for your company. Thus, LED signs are being used in all types of businesses to attract customers.

Custom LED signs are eye-catching and effective in grabbing people’s attention. They are installed in corporate offices, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and other establishments.

They are used to display information regarding education, health, sports, and the like. Indoor and outdoor LED signage in malls can also showcase products and services. An LED sign company can help create custom signage for businesses to ensure that the right font size, sign size, design, and placement of the sign are correct and effectively installed.

Some Interesting Facts About Outdoor LED Signage:    

  • LED signboards attract 72% more attention compared to web marketing. They have become a vital advertising tool for every business. 
  • When we see an appealing sign, our brains can process it 90% faster. Hence why 60% of people who view a product on LED signs want to know more information about it. LED signage has an amazing recall rate of 83%, which allows patrons to be able to recall your illuminated sign up to a month earlier.
  • 40% of clients believe their sales rose due to the signage.
  • And finally, 80% of potential buyers who entered a store were enticed by the LED signs in Georgetown, TX.

Benefits of LED Signs:

  • Cost-efficient.
  • Lower energy consumption.
  • Lasts longer than traditional lights.
  • Can be customized.
  • Relevant for every marketing campaign.
  • Digital displays cause less paper waste.

In Addition, LED Signs Boards Are Also:

  • Low maintenance.
  • Offer high visibility.
  • Able to withstand extreme weather.
  • Do not require costly upkeep and cleaning.
  • Low maintenance since LEDs do not burn out or shake loose.

LED ticker displays can be used to showcase live information, news, and market stats. A company can provide the same or different content on several screens. Depending on the audience that the company caters to, the right setup can be chosen to wow and excite passersby and potential new customers. These signs can have an automated brightness control feature, allowing your business to stay highly visible 24/7.

You Can Choose From An Array of Options.

  • Interactive: Recent technology in LED signage allows clients to access data and get information in real-time. They can look for data according to their taste.
  • Cloud-based digital signage software: This allows you to design and upload multiple signs that run on a schedule.
  • Live streaming during product launches and celebrity visits are also possible.
  • Trigger-based ads that change to match people passing by your outlet or business. This adds a personal touch and interaction with your product and services. 

Call us now for all your LED signage needs. Our team of signage specialists at Georgetown Sign Company will find creative ways to display your brand in a new light.

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