Why Tradeshow Banners Should be Included in Your Tradeshow Plan

Custom Trade Show Banners in Austin, TX - Georgetown Sign Company

Going to a tradeshow? Better get ready to stand out in a very crowded field. Not just your next door competitor, but hundreds of other businesses from around the state will be there. Your customers will have plenty of opportunity to get lost and go astray.

Plan your next trade show booth to be super special for your next event. Here are a few display and installation ideas you should keep in mind.

  • Under table banners
  • Drapes (free standing and mounted)
  • Pop-up table banners
  • Floor-standing banners

The benefits of vibrant trade show display and banners are well understood. The more eye-catching they are, the more footfall you will attract.

Cost-effective marketing

When time comes to plan your booth, you’ll find your trade show banners are the most affordable aspect of your setup. In fact, elements such as table or floor mounted standees can be reused in your everyday business. Drapes and hanging banners too can be stored away for later use.

Grab attention

The first thing your booth needs to do is generate curiosity in passersby. Bold colors and designs are great ways of promoting your brand. Creatively designed and bright banners are a must at any trade show – unless you want to blend with the walls.

Bold advertising

The only thing that’s holding your booth back is how ‘statement’ it is. With the wide selection of banners and installation Georgetown Sign Company offers, you can really dazzle people at the show. Remember, only impactful advertising at a trade show will make you truly memorable.

How to create engaging trade show banners

Many business owners make the mistake of thinking they can design their trade show banners from scratch – without help. It’s easier said than done. Little things like fasteners and edges must be accounted for in design.  Here’s how you can make sure your banners look and feel the part.

Take the time to design them

Different banners have different dimensions. They will be viewed differently and serve different purposes too. Compare a standee pointed at the aisle with a drape placed on the table – both are very different in shape and purpose. Make sure the text, images and colors are suitable for each application. Our team will work with you to decide templates and design ideas for all your banners.

Text at the top

People sometimes place text at the bottom of the banner or to one side. It may look good on your screen but it may not work once installed. Why? Obstructions and people standing in front will simply make the text unreadable. Choose crisp, bold fonts over stylized curvy fonts, they help raise legibility.

Don’t go overboard with design elements

Thinking of filling your trade show banners with pictures and intricate style elements? Stop! A lot of detail makes the banner look confused and messy. Every message your banner should be easy to read and obvious. Remember this: at a distance, a lot of black and white will only look gray.

Where’s the call-to-action?

The vast majority of trade show banners are missing calls-to-action – no websites to visit, no phone numbers to call, no reasons to visit your booth. Give a clear CTA and you will direct more people to it. Make it something truly alluring – like a major discount or something given away for free (not just pens, please!).

Perhaps the one common element between all trade show displays is that people remember to design and print them only last minute. It’s handy, then, that you have such a responsive sign design company in Austin. Our team is well-versed in designing, printing and creating display banners and signs. Call us today and find out how easily and affordably you can do up your booth.

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