Why Use Monument Signs?

Exterior Monument Signage For Visitors in Austin, TX - Georgetown Sign Company

Business signs come in many shapes and forms. With all the choices you have, deciding which ones to invest in can get confusing or overwhelming. However, if establishing a sense of permanence is among your primary goals, then opting for monument signs is a smart route. These largely-built outdoor signs are commonly used by established companies, universities, churches, apartment complexes, and more. If you need more help in deciding on the specific signage elements, what materials to use and what dimensions the signage should have, Georgetown Sign Company is here for you. Reach out to us today to learn more.

Advantages of Investing in Monument Signs in Austin

1. Get Passersby Curious: According to a study, 35% of shoppers discovered a local business because of their exterior business sign. This is just a simple example of how on-premise signs are essential investments in brick-and-mortar establishments, even in this digital age. Motorists and pedestrians can easily notice monument signs because they are at an eye-level. When illuminated, these signs become even more captivating and effective.

2. Boost foot traffic and sales: Monument business signs are strategically installed near your storefront or within your property, where many people are walking or driving past. Studies show that custom monument signs drive sales by 9.3%. Other research showed that your business signs are seen at an average of 50-60 times per month by individuals living or working within 5 miles from your establishment. At the same time, these people are said the be the source of 85% of your monthly sales. 

3. Versatility: Custom monument signs are fantastic for displaying not just your trademark but also other vital business details such as your slogan and contact number. These signs function as wayfinding tools and landmarks for individuals who are either trying to locate your establishment or something else nearby. Although they may not automatically choose to visit your place, you are still effectively ingraining your brand in their subconscious. These can even be converted into multi-tenant signs, directories, or digital displays as well.

4. Impressive: Regardless of whether your signs look classic and rustic or contemporary and sleek, these are still excellent for putting your brand’s best foot forward and creating lasting impressions.

5. Worth every penny: With the right monument signage partner, you can maximize your investments since they are built to last for many years and require little to no maintenance. These also cost a lot less than other advertising modes such as television and radio.

Your Reliable Source of Custom Monument Signs in Austin, TX

Georgetown Sign Company is a leading supplier of corporate signs for many professionals and entrepreneurs in the area. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to provide tailor-made visual communication solutions that generate profitable results. Our Georgetown team is looking forward to working with you soon! Call us today to get started on your custom monument signs.

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