Why Your Business Should Use Channel Letter Signs

Channel Letters

Channel letters are a sign type that you may commonly see above a business entrance. They often spell out a company’s name or slogan to help garner attention for their brand and boost business.

If this is a sign type you’re considering for your company in Austin, TX, you’re making a smart business investment. These eye-catching signs are hard to miss, making them key for advertising your brand.

Here are some reasons why your business cannot afford to miss out on channel letter signs:

Maximize Your Business Visibility

Prominent signage outside your establishment will get your brand noticed. New customers will be sure to spot your business in the area when they see your impressive sign. Returning customers, too, will keep your business top of mind each time they see your channel letter signs. If someone is travelling to your establishment for the first time, your impressive sign will help them find your business – especially in busy areas of Austin, TX.

Signage that Stands Out

The three-dimensional construction of channel letters is what makes them stand out. By design, these signs can be seen from many angles, making them effective at catching the attention of passersby in the area, whether they be pedestrians, motorists, cyclists, or other individuals.

Display Your Brand Day and Night with Lighted Channel Letter Signs

For extra brand attention 24-7, you have the option of choosing lighted channel letter signs. You can select different illumination options to achieve just the right look for your business. With lighting, you’ll be able to promote your brand at all hours of the day to keep your business top of mind.

Create Custom Channel Letters

On top of choosing illumination options, you can personalize more signage features to create custom channel letters. The font, colors, and more elements can be crafted so that they’re specific to your company and your signage becomes an extension of your brand.

Connect with Georgetown Sign Company for Impactful Signs

If you’re ready to get started with channel letter signs, connect with us at Georgetown Sign Company. We will manage your signage project from end to end through all the steps that will bring your signs to life. This includes selecting quality materials and taking care of installation so that your signs look great and perform well. It’s all part of our comprehensive process in providing you with custom, quality signs that achieve your objectives.

For more information and to request a free quote, connect with us today.

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