Why Your Office Space Needs Lobby Signage

lobby signage

Your business office is one of the first points of contact for potential customers. To create a compelling first impression and attract and maintain customers, make the storefront easily noticeable and inviting. Using lobby signs in your office can help your enterprise in multiple ways, including branding and marketing enhancement. Read this guide to learn more.

Use Lobby Signs to Promote Your Products and Services

Office lobby signs are a great way to promote your products without overtly selling. Use signage to inform your customers about upcoming company events and news. 

Share vital information, such as:

  • Company history, vision, culture, and mission
  • Business accolades
  • Social media pages
  • Website URL
  • Contact information

Create Unique Branding With Custom Lobby Signs

Display your brand colors and logo to forge a powerful company message. Custom signs make your business more visible, enhancing your competitive edge. People who relate to your branding will likely become long-term clients.

Besides increased visibility, brand colors and logos help with customer attraction. According to a 2018 study, a signature color can enhance recognition by approximately 80%. Use proper signage in your office to boost customers’ emotional connection with your business.

Develop Long-Lasting Impression With Lobby Signage

When potential customers first enter your establishment, their impression will be formed by the appearance of the lobby, and blank, lackluster walls can send the wrong message. Take advantage of signs to draw your visitors’ attention and spark curiosity.

Appropriate signage creates a long-lasting impression and shows you care about your brand’s mission. Research shows 72% of clients are likely to refer six or more individuals to a business if they experience a welcoming first impression.

Direct Your Guests Using Lobby Signs

Utilize office lobby signs to show visitors where to go when they come to your reception. For example, you can direct them to the elevators or show them the appropriate path.

Signage can help your customers find particular products if you have a retail store. Don’t let your guests feel stranded, as this can impact the client experience. Direct them with powerful signage for a seamless business operation.

Put Your Business on the Map With Lobby Signage

Interior signage, such as backlit signs and reception wall logos, allows your company to stand out from the competition. Approximately 79% of consumers believe signage is a brand’s reflection of the product and services it offers.

Customers may get the wrong impression of your company if visitors see an uninspired looking workplace. Invest in custom lobby signs to show your clients you’re motivated and well-established in your industry.

Lobby Signs Provide Consistent Marketing

Studies show company consistency enhances brand trust, reputation and credibility. If your enterprise has multiple locations, your lobby signage should be consistent, which makes it easy for customers to find you regardless of the locality of the business branch.

Improve Customer Experience With Georgetown Sign Company

If you want to build brand authority, enhance client experience and stand out from your peers, lobby signs are a must-have in your office. Let experienced professionals help with the process from estimation to installation. We strive to meet your expectations and goals. Get in touch with experts at Georgetown Sign Company for more information.

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