How Channel Lettering Signs Light Up Your Business Identity

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The goal of any commercial sign you use inside or outside your business is to be seen. You want people to see your message because this is the key to attracting new customers and growing your brand’s presence. This is the reason why channel letters have become an increasingly popular choice for businesses. With an electrical illumination system that uses bright, energy-efficient LED lights, your signage will always be visible, day or night.

But it takes more than visibility for signage to be effective. If something as simple as lighting up your sign could attract new waves of customers, everyone would do it. Creating signage and designs that entice people is an art. It is an art we understand at Georgetown Sign Company, and within the city, we have helped countless other businesses understand it, too.

If you are interested in learning what types of signage attract the most customers, contact us at 1-512-598-4237.

Light the Way to Your Business

Channel lettering signs can be seen from great distances, but that is not all they offer. With four distinct lighting styles for channel letters, you can match your exterior signage with your interior atmosphere.

The illumination options include the following:

  • Front-lit channel letters
  • Halo-lit (or reverse) channel letters
  • Front and back-lit Channel Letters
  • Open-face Channel letters

It is best if we assess your business to help you decide which type of letters will suit your needs. These options can be customized even further. If you desire letters without a trim that look like they are floating in front of your business, we can create this design. You can also choose formed plastic as a material instead of sheet aluminum, shape-based channel letters, and more.

These signs offer unique design elements, including font, color, and size, allowing you to customize your storefront to reflect your brand identity. They can be indoors as well, with non-illuminated channel letter options available.

Combine Channel Letters with Other Signage

Channel letters are not only versatile in design but also in application. Add letters on top of your pylon sign or awning for improved visibility. As well, they can be installed on top of a monument sign to create a visually stunning masterpiece. Combining channel letters with other forms of signage gives you a distinctive product that is more likely to gain attention to your business.

All these options and more are available when you choose to work with Georgetown Sign Company.

Ready to Elevate Your Storefront?

If you are looking for a channel letter sign company in Georgetown, TX, look no further than the Georgetown Sign Company. We have worked with many businesses in the area, helping them scale their brand and secure more clients with our custom signs and marketing solutions.

Contact us at 1-512-598-4237 to speak with a signage specialist today and discover the impact your business can make when you choose channel letter signage.

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