Custom Printed Window Film in Austin, TX

Since first opening our doors, Georgetown Sign Company has developed a reputation for producing exceptional signage for businesses across all industries and our custom printed window films are no different. In fact, they can even be used to help reduce the fading that regular sunlight can have on some of the most noticeable features in your home/business. 

Custom Printed Window Film For Residential Purpose in Austin, TX

At Georgetown Sign Company, we have the years of experience, skills, and resources to provide not only your business but your home with custom window films. More and more homeowners are turning to them to help to protect their floors and furnishings. Our films have a 99.9% UV blocking coating and can help to reduce the glare coming into your media room. The best past is since we use high-quality materials none of our window films will impact the appearance of your window.

Whether you keep it simple or have a beautiful welcome message on the front window of your door, our films will not only protect your home from intense sunlight but add a touch of charm and personalization to an area that is often unutilized.

Business/Commercial Window Film in Austin, TX 

If you own a restaurant that has lots of windows and brings in tons of beautiful natural light, it is only natural that you will want to be able to embrace that and take advantage of it. What happens in the summer, when that sunshine and heat come pouring in your windows, to the point that customers are uncomfortable dining in? What if you have a law firm and your office features stunning views and glaring sunlight at specific points in the afternoon? How can you take advantage of and embrace the natural light that attracted you to your venue or office building, without having to deal with the heat and glare that go along with it? We can help.  

At Georgetown Sign Company, we pride ourselves on having the right products and know-how to let that stunning natural light shine through without any of the headache and squinting eyes. We can help you reduce both the heat and glare for your customers and hide those awful hotspots that your employees have come to hate. Doing this will help increase overall employee efficiency. Happy employees equate to more productive employees that will leave you with fewer headaches and more profit at the end of the day. 

Our custom window films are also a great way to share a message with those who walk by. Some business owners keep it simple with a classic “welcome”, while others like to have their business hours, specials or fun quotes added to their windows.

Best window film in Austin, Texas

At Georgetown Sign Company, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the most cutting-edge products and exceptional customer service in Austin, TX. Regardless of how big or how small your job is, we guarantee to not only meet but exceed your expectations and ensure your full satisfaction. If you would like to learn more about our custom printed window films, please, do not hesitate to call us. One of our experienced staff would love to discuss your needs with you and tell you about all the options we must meet them. 

Are you worried about the installation? Don’t stress; we are happy to take that off your plate as well. Whether it’s residential or business, we will install your window films and ensure that they are correctly set up for the next time the sunshine intensifies. Call now to find out how our signage solutions can help you and your business today.

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Privacy film is designed so that it doesn’t come off easily. High-quality vinyl is used to prevent peeling in the corners and along the edges. However, if your goal is to remove your privacy film, use a heating gun or another heating device to increase the temperature of the film, making it easier to remove.

The longevity of privacy film depends on the quality of the film, whether the installation process was done correctly, and the conditions the film was exposed to. In general, privacy films should last between 5-10 years. We strive to use the best film available to ensure an optimal lifespan.

While some privacy films offer medium transparency, which can be seen through at night, most films offer complete privacy, which means they cannot be seen through at any time. In fact, these privacy films are completely opaque at night, ensuring maximum privacy.

A privacy film may make the room darker, depending on what type of privacy layer you have chosen. A blackout film will make a noticeable difference, while a frosted privacy film will only make a slight difference to the darkness of a room.

Privacy film lets sunlight stream into a room but blocks harmful UV rays; and depending on what window film you have chosen, the amount of sunlight it lets through will vary. If you’re looking for a privacy film that lets sunlight through or vice versa, we can customize your film to these preferences. 

Privacy film can be cleaned with mild soap, a lint-free cloth, and warm water. Dust the film first with a cloth. Then, soak the cloth in warm water and your soap solution, and wipe it down gently. Do not let the water seep around the edges of the film, and do not scrub too hard around the edges to prevent peeling.

After cleaning, your film should dry at the same rate as any other surface; factors that may change the drying process are how much water you use, the humidity and temperature of the room, and the amount of airflow the room experiences.

Yes, privacy film is waterproof, meaning it can be applied to windows either indoors or outdoors. We do advise being careful when cleaning your window film, as too much water can cause the edges to start prematurely peeling. Also, make sure to dry your privacy film after cleaning with a cloth.

Privacy film is made of vinyl that consists of three layers: a base layer, an adhesive layer, and a film layer. The film layer can be a standard privacy, tinted, or frosted layer. You can also choose to customize the film layer with a design to add a decorative touch.

Think of privacy film as a sticker that covers your entire window. The main difference is that this sticker has an industrial-strength adhesive that ensures it stays in place. Depending on the finish you choose for your privacy layer, it can offer complete or partial privacy through the glass surface.